Flagella reduces speed instead of adding

Title of the post is just about it. Flagellum organelle says it adds .7 speed to the cell, but whenever I add one, it reduces the speed by .7 instead. I can only get seven or eight evolutions in before my cell slows to a painful crawl, despite how many flagella I try to add.

Could you share a screenshot of the cell you are trying to make? The amount of thrust flagella generate is dependent on how directly behind the cell they end up, so if your flagella are pointing to the sides, they don’t help with forward speed at all.

Wait, can you rotate them? Or do the flagella just need to be placed at the rear of the cell? That may very well just be my issue.

You can rotate them, however the flagella automatically teleport to the nearest membrane edge, and from there a line is drawn to the center of the cell. And the angle between that line and straight vertical line, determines how much thrust the flagella generate. So for example if you place a flagellum directly at the back of your cell (and your membrane shape ends up being circular enough to not displace the flagella away from directly behind), then that flagellum has 100% of thrust available. Instead if it’s slightly pointing to the side, you get much lower percentage of thrust.

Interesting. I didn’t know that was a thing. How does one rotate parts?

The help menu has that info, you can press F1 to go there.

I see. Thank you for your help.