For the sake of my creative abilities please open this thread

Welcome! This is where I ask other people for advice so I don’t have to think. I’m working on a few separate things right now so I’ll probably post them here if I feel like showing off or if I need help. I’m also going to post the big projects here, in the title, so you don’t have to go scrolling to see them.

Multicellular Life on a fictional planet

Pulmonemsacci translates to “lung sack”.
They can be identified by their lung sack, mollusk-like locomotion, and their carapace.

  • Lukre
  • Si’ovrek

Tonitrua translates to “thunder”.
They can be identified by asexual reproduction and their lack of a central nervous system.

  • Rund
  • Vent Guard

Caloratidactylum translates to “warm foot”.
They can be identified by their large mouth located underneath their head and warm-blooded, more active life style.

  • Hermit
  • Haze Beast

It kind of reminds me of the Control Tower in Horizon Zero Dawn, so I’m thinking it’s a Sauron-esque machine tower that protects something. Is this allowed, or do you specifically want organic life? Creature-wise, I don’t really know what to make out of it. It looks like it’s multiple hunks of flesh stiched together by a mad scientist with a middle school degree in biology. I’m sorry if this looks like a harsh jab at the creature, I’m not criticising or bashing or anything, I’m just describing what it invokes in me.

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Assuming it is facing left, look at its back. Those markings were going to be some sort of social status given by other members of its species. It has a segmented carapace and moves by using its mollusk-like foot. It’s pincers are going to have prosthetic opposable digits. This creature is intelligent but has otherwise no way to use technology which is why it makes these crude prosthetics.

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Interesting, you designed the creature with sentience in mind. For physiology, maybe the bulby middle part is a breathing organ that inflates and deflates, and the little antennae on top are like cat whiskers, while it has a sharp mouth with multiple rows of teeth as its only “real” weapon, prompting it, in combination with few strengths and many weak exposed parts, to develop mentally. Amazing design!

A. Thank you that means a lot
B. It IS a breathing organ as a matter of fact
C. I haven’t decided the purpose of the “whiskers” yet. The “face” also hasn’t been completely designed. I like the teeth idea, but I’m currently making it into some sort of mass of large pore-like structures. I have no idea what these will be for.

Haha gUYs I still would like help for the new creature I would do it myself but I like other people’s ideas more. No no, please I don’t need your pity. I can go on without you. It would simply be helpful that’s all I’m saying.

OK, maybe I’ll describe the environment. Seeing as its legs are short and mushy, and since it needs a lot of balance because of how tall it is, I’m thinking a tundra-like biome would fit. Maybe those mushy tentacle legs also hide its mouth, which “bottom feeds” from the lichen on the ground. It’s also kinda tall to blend in with the lone trees you can find every now and then so its coloration probably resembles the native tree species.

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Comments? Criticism? I’m willing to change anything I just need to know what.

Also, artists, do you know any good shading techniques for realism?

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Very nice biome! Are those tree things on the right some sort of spy? I can see a tube thing pointing at the Stalk creature, so I’m wondering if that’s just the tree design or more Stalk creatures hiding in the bushes.

Eh… some sort of sensory organ but they aren’t intelligent. I don’t know if I’ll keep the stalk

So… how’s the progress on your stalk creature? Might I suggest you call it Klats. (stalk backwards, sounds fitting)

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I tHoUgHt yOu fORgOT aBOut Me

Once I stop crying I’ll send a picture of what I’ve done, in fact I’m working on it now.


Very nice work on the environment! You can tell the creature fits in, what with the rocky terrain and rough textures. Keep up the good work!

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I should mention… I like your name but I’ve already got one picked. I’ll reveal it in the description (and we can reference it by the name Klats) but I should mention something about the creatures err… behavior. If you are talking about like if the creature stalks or not that’s fine… BUT. If when you mean stalk you mean the things on its “head”… long story short they are plants from the creatures environment used for recreational purposes.
Translation: the creature in this drawing is high out of its MIND

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Nicknamed by most of the galaxy as tundra whistlers, the species Dentaforaminis has many more interesting features other than its distinctive whistle. Dentaforaminis is bluntly translated into tooth hole, obviously referring to its hole of a mouth on the bottom of this creature. Dentaforaminis is a tall (adults vary to 3 meters) slender creature found in desolate tundra biomes.

The majority of Dentaforaminis is covered in a segmented carapace except for a few regions that are required to be more flexible than others. The head of Dentaforaminis is covered in a flat, plate-like structure dominated by small holes. These holes are used for chemical detection. Slightly below its “plate” is a complex internal brain and an external face. This face is also covered in holes like it’s “plate”. The face has a different meaning however. Inside of these shallow holes are numerous, developed, ocular sensory organs. Still further down the body is a large bulbous mass that is a respiratory organ. This mass is used for communication and will deflate to create a wavering whistling noise. A large portion of the back is below this until you would find a break in the carapace and notice an extremely soft interior layer of skin. This is connected to two fleshy pincers that reach the ground on most Dentaforaminis. Below this is one more segment before you reach the bottom of the creature which consists of pod-like feet and a bottom-feeding mouth.

Dentaforaminis is a social creature, sometimes reaching numbers up to 50 within a herd. This species has a few interesting behaviors that will be listed here. Dentaforaminis are sometimes seen creating rudimentary “adaptations” to their pincers to act as a form of grabbing tool, implying some level of intelligence. They are also sometimes seen carving strange symbols into the backs of others of their species. This behavior is still not understood. Another interesting yet not understood behavior is that of placing vegetation into other Dentaforaminis plate holes. It is believed that this practice is recreational, but research is ongoing.

Reproduction among Dentaforaminis is interesting and somewhat unique within most intelligent organisms. When mating season occurs (early spring) two to six Dentaforaminis will huddle in a group. While within this position they will release gametes from their respiratory system. This can last up to an hour. If two valid sex cells meet they will bind until they reach the ground. When they do reach the ground they form, what would look like to a human, a white potato missing leaves. When mating season is over (early summer) these potato shaped eggs will burst, revealing small, carapace-less, Dentaforaminis. These Dentaforaminis will quickly attempt to find shelter or a large herd of Dentaforaminis. If they do not succeed they will likely be eaten by the local wildlife or die of starvation.

Dentaforaminis feed on simple lichen-like life forms through their large “foot-mouth”. It is likely that this life is traced by Dentaforaminis’ chemical receptors.


Working on a new creature. Doesn’t have a name yet cough cough @OmnipotentFNarr. And yeah I’m taking suggestions. So far it’s planned that it will have a key role in producing some kind of alien product (probably meat, sorry again peta)

Hmm, I’m going to need a little help to tell what is on screen (it’s always a little hazy at first, but then it becomes clearer after more development). So, from what I can tell, it seems like a worm creature with a strap suspending it, but it cuts off really close to the head. Are you planning to make it wriggly, so the body comes back and disappears again? Also, I see some electric potential on the little spiky-spikes. Is that intentional, or is it a membrane?

I shall now make myself useful and give ideas. It looks like an eel, which are pretty slim, so I don’t know if meat is viable. Maybe it should instead be farmed for its eggs, which are both abundant and pricy. However, extremely violent behavior and tendency to be solitary makes it hard to profit industrially, so it’s more artisanal. It has no eyes, but instead has multiple openings around the head for sound, and uses something similar to echolocation to find food and predators.

Is that good, or were you going for a different concept?

No actually that’s pretty good, props to you. I was going to make it some sort of cave creature (hence the no eyes). I like the egg idea and will definitely expand on that. Also that IS electricity (you’re on a roll man) I think I have some use for it but I’m still workshopping it.

Double post time.
Does anyone have any original intelligent alien designs I could take inspiration from/steal? They can be yours or someone else’s although I would prefer it was someone on this thread, as it’s easier to contact them.

Are you discreetly singling me out?

I could whip up some of my Spore characters if you want (I’ll probably post them tomorrow).

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