From stone to space (another civ forum game)

Hello im merlok and this will be my first forum game i will be hosting.
So here are the rules,
when creating your species you must make it original all of the players
Creatures must be different, you may only use another players creature with
My permission
My dice i will be using will be a d15 die
This action fails horribly and someone probably dies
action does not go good
very little progress is made
one third of the progress is made
half of the progress is made
your task is completed
you complete your task and get a bonus.
Here is the map
The red lines are where you will start.
i will use a stability rating like sky guys game
-4 on the brink of collapse
-3 imploding
-2 starting to collapse
-1 shaky like a chihuahua
0 stable
1 its good
2 solid
3 utopia
4 paradise.
You will start out as a primitive tribe which will advance into a space fairing civilization
So will your civ prosper or will they be struck down by a mighty force
Current players: askyw with the anak boris. Amctv with the emangeles and hirohito with the alaaskar andpostivetower with the uzbenraust


Any planetary lore we should know when making our creatures?

Or is it a do whatever the hell you want, kinda thing?

How do I sign up?

the simplfied version is the planet your creature has evolved on was created by humanity billions of years ago the humans planeted single celled life forms then they eventully evolved into multiple species like yours.
and amctv just type in the name of your species and describe them and their religion and their government their religion cant be about the humans

Name: Kei
They are peaceful herbivores, they have exoskeletons 4 legs and 2 arms the body is like a praying mantis with the arms at the front and the legs at the back and they have a similar body but the place where the head and arms connect is more upright. Their religion is that there is a force that controls the nature, they believe it’s everywhere and that it “blind” (not caring about anything ). Their governing system is where no one is ruler everyone can think of laws and everyone must vote.

The Alaaskar
These biped reptiles have wandered our world for millenia now, traveling from place to place in search of food. Their face is similar to that of a lizard, but they possess a small spot near the nostrils, “the third eye” that follows light. Their feet and hands are webbed, and they possess 3 fingers each. With evolution, the tail of these beings grew into an almost 3rd arm, being able to grab objects crudely.
Religion: The Alaaskar believe in the worldbuilders. Soft skin Gods that once wandered the land, sowing it with life, both creating and destroying continents at mere will. The Alaaskar culture is based on these romanticised beings, known to us as homo sapiens.
Government: Structure is mainly militaristic. Upon the death of the current tribe leader, any one who wants to take the throne will have to fight for it. Pretenders to the throne reunite themselves in clans, and the last one standing gets to decide the future of the people.
Currently, 3 clans are prominent:
Zarha Clan: To become stronger than the enemy by superiority in technology
Karth Clan: To become stronger than the enemy by having the most men
Ita Clan: To not become stronger than the enemy. To completely dominate them.

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Edit: other players can play the Kei

Species: Emangeles

Description: Despite always seeming to have had the short end of the evolutionary stick, Emangeles somehow lived long enough to develop a crude (yet respectably stable) society. They evolved without ever possessing any sort of biological defensive mechanism, which is seen as their greatest shortcoming. They instead owe their existence to their curious and approachable natures, which allowed them to make friends with every other receptive creature they came across, and has since made them very open to diplomacy. Though they would technically be defined as reptiles, they have a prehensile tail ending in a grasper that is used for all forms of communication or construction. Their other most notable features are their four sturdy legs, reptilian beak, and eyestalks. Most are an earthy orange tone, but it honestly varies between organism.

Religion: Most Emangeles refuse to limit themselves to a single vision, preferring instead to keep an open mind. As such, many will explore other cultures and religions until they form their own philosophies about the world around them. Cults and religious sects have, of course, existed, but none have ever caught on.

Government: Republic; upon a ruler’s death, a new ruler is elected from the citizenry.

I’ll just use the creature I already made a couple of months ago, Anak’ Leboris, just ignore the useless information like planet and system names.

Anak' Leboris

Thrive Universe Reboot Reboot

Do you want to have some sort of lore between our species? Physiologically, they sound a lot alike. Perhaps they could have a common ancestor?

What if my species were to members of your species that were exiled for their violent tendencies?

Basically your species all came from one ancestor millions of years ago



Origins:a group of bird-like reptiles that is still in the evolution path for flight yet they have went a different path,they have evolved intelligence and consiousness with that they form small territory much like chimpanzee with an alpha being competted by other,but one day an alpha decided to expand it territories far beyond some small trees and shrubs and with the help and because of it advantages like communication,tools and weapons,agriculture and basicly everything that tribal humans have,conquer the forest and plains created a small nation called Garsul
Life:The uzbenrausts have a feudal goverment dividing many classes,the higher you are,the more honer you will get if you are born in class you can’t switch and will always be that class.At the bottom there are Slaves living a life of hard work for their lives,the will start being enslaved for work at their teen age,however it is illegal to have a sex slave that isn’t use to mate with other slaves due to different class rules that a class can only marry and mate with a person from the same class.Higer up is the peasants which include farmers,blacksmiths,fisherman… which have a simple life and they are pretty good at there job since their family have done this for generations and passed it down to their offsprings.Even higher up is the warriors which are men who fight,when they are old enough to stand and hold stuff,they will be trained to fight in battle and Will be provided with a better life in a better house than peasents and less tax(which because currency is not invented so it is just food).Higher up are the philosipher which discussed about the universe and discover stuff to invent new things and discover new stuff,they have the same taxes as warriors.Higher up are the nobles,rich men often with slaves and hire mercenaries to fight for them often the reason for downfall of a dynasty so they can rulethe nation themselves if the king is just too bad and pay less taxes than warriors and of course sciencetists.And finally the king which is like a king rule the nation,There is always an heir due to a system much like china(
Religion:Cauthism which belives that there is an almighty fair and enlightened god named Xarza which always help people in need,he rules over many heavens which is:Slave’s heaven,Peasent’s heaven,Warrior’s heaven,Sciencetist’s heaven,noble’s heaven and royal heaven all for all the good people from classes giving them what they want and they can choose to reincarnate into any classes any time but if they are bad and evil,they will be instantly be reincarnated into a slave and the heaven also have lesser gods of classes which obey the almighty god Xarza
Goverment:Monarchy,ruled by the king and basicly wverything i said in life
Biolagy:The Uzbenraust looks familiar and strange to humans atthe same time,it looks mostly like what a feathered raptor we know today yet it has retractable wings help them glide,their hand sjow humans like features and have two teeth,the teeths for meat at the front and the teeh for plants at the back.

@Rednascar11 wait a second if we are tribes then why are we republics and stuff?

Thats your tribal government just because your a tribe doesnt mean you dont need a government

The first republic was not a tribe and do you have any examples of that irl?

It wont be a republic we know today its where the ruler is elected once the old one dies so its more of an elected monarchy then a republic thats how amctv described it