From Thrive to Spore

So, I was wondering if I could create other peoples TU creatures in spore? If I just need to message them for permission, that would be fine. Some can be done by today or by tomorrow. If you want any changes on the design let me know and I’ll fix it.

Seeing as TU creatures are not licensed, you wouldn’t have to ask for permission.

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you’re defenitvely free to do my creatures! Also @Biologicah

Oh my! I quite like that. G’job.

Due to the complexity meter in spore (I seriously hate that that thing), i couldn’t add any more tentacles. But, i’m glad you like it. More is coming soon.

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Which is next?

You can make an Aktarian if you want.
Also there are mods that remove the complexity meter, they might help you out :slight_smile:

Looks nice, but forgot to make the color fixed accordingly.

:ok_hand: Ok fam

Ijor is next.

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wow sure just steal my thunder why dont you lol

Eh, spore isnt really that good compared to drawing since you are limited to parts in the game, otherwise with drawing you can make anything you want. So yeah, no one is stealing your thunder here.

Oh thank god

don't click its a secret

i was joking

if people want to start pointing fingers,
technically all of you were stealing my thunder because I am currently recreating TU creatures in blender


thats cool so you can make my drawings of their creatures in blender and I have no idea what your talking about

Would love to see the revamped Skomuus in 3D, i just hope it doesnt look like its been put through a “blender” eh?


Oh yeah. I’ve seen some of your cool blender stuff.

This has nothing to do with the TU, just thought i’d recreate something memorable.

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