Gartic Phone

Anyone else interested?


What mode are we doing?

Do you want normal or something more spicy? Also, I’m not sure if Gratic has any way of text messaging, so in the worst case we’ll just use forum DMs.

I’ll join, no idea what it is though lol

I’ll join. I’ve never played that game before

Hmm… I don’t see you in the lobby.

I’m DoubleU

Should I start?

Maybe wait for one more person to join

It looks like I can’t be on the forums and there at the same time due to mobile or something rip

Hope there is a chat feature over there. You want to make a pm for this so we ain’t flooding the misc with it?

Oh, I just realized I misread your question and responded with essentially the same question lol, sorry. I think we’ll do normal for now.

Ok, should I start?

Ok, I think one last turn and I’ll be gone.

That was fun!

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Very much!

I created a new thread for this to not clog up the misc thread.

For anyone who would like to create insanity, I will be here, waiting.


Will we do this again?

Possibly, if anyone would like to go on gartic phone and post the link here I would most likely be willing to join.

Great, who want’s to create insanity again?

Anyone? Im bored

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