General 0.5.0 feedback

The launcher can start and install just fine, but the game itself isnt responisve.

Interesting. I’m nearly certain that some antivirus or something is blocking the random exe from starting, if the launcher output window doesn’t show anything after the starting thrive line. Or your OS installation could be borked.

Could just be my computer, I’ll try again when I get a new computer that isn’t as slow.

Here’s what it says after I close the godot engine because it isn’t responding:

Thrive is running. Log output:

Process Started

child process exited with code 3489660927

the fps tanks to like 17 when there are alot of objects
but i have not crashed once

also the fluidity slider and name get stuck (in edit)

i have not been able to play this because the computer i play thrive on crashed.

I havent been able to play it because the engine wont respond, but i ill say that the game runs very smoothly and has much less lag than the other versions