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I named this thread like that because I don’t know if it deserves a new thread. Let me know if I should change something :+1:

I wanted to try to implement filters for save manager (for regular saves, autosaves and quicksaves) and couldn’t find a way to get the save type of each save in list. Should I dive deeper into the more hard coded things or just not continue the work?

Also how should I name the regular saves filter? Right now I made placeholder “regular” but I think it needs a better name.

The special save types (versus manual, this term is already displayed to the user in the save load menu) are determined based on the filename. It’s detected with a regex here:

The actual save type is stored inside the file in the save info section JSON. That variable is of type SaveType.SaveInformation

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Ok so I kinda got stuck when it comes to refreshing save list with showing only specified type saves, but you don’t need to help me unless you want to.


I kinda got it working, but I have feeling the code is kinda messy. I’ll show it here anyways.

(I’ll change regular button text to manual)

(It is working with other filters aswell)

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If someone want to volunteer, you can help with:

  • Make cell chunks emit more compounds (related to combat and scavenging balancing)
  • General combat balancing
  • Potential knockback for offensive pili (this item can probably be removed with the cooldown being added now)

and maybe

from the Roadmap.

Something like:

floating organelles should release more compounds


smaller microbes should be slower

something like that - not a list of new features or something but more like just tweaks.