A long time ago,

Stars appeared in the sky and illuminated the earth beneath it and all who were alive under its luminous darkness.

From it, The Watcher looks down to the ground beneath him and sees everything.

He is the one who watched, led us, and guided us to redemption, unity, and peace.

The world under his eyes led to a period of peace.

But nothing stays forever.

In one moment - the stars that illuminated the wilderness, began to droop and fall. Everyone who was under them experienced the power and terror that it brought down on everyone who was there and their light was silenced. The darkness came again and those who survived the fall lived under the darkness again.

The second period began when the stars blossomed again and illuminated the wilderness and the sky as new.

But The Watcher who was always watching before, disappeared and with him, 12 eyes started watching us.

Each of them got a name for what they did, but what they did, imposed a burden and ruin on those below.

A period of wars, devastation, and destruction passed between all these wastelands.

Many bled under their name and all those who were blindly led by them saw what they always wanted - power, immortality, and never-ending desire.

But none of them was The Watcher who had always guided us before.

Many were powerless against them and begged to stop the bloodshed and destruction.

And their wish came true.

The stars were enraged and began to fall to the ground, causing another end of an era, but it was an extremely short moment before they returned and their light touched the scorched earth from the wars that the eyes had left.

But when the stars returned and began a new age, no eye was watching us.

Neither The Watcher nor the 12 eyes remained and we were left to our fate.

We did not give up and started to rebuild what was destroyed.

But their voice will still echo even after they disappeared.

But where have all the eyes gone?

Maybe they are gone and the stars have removed them from their terrible reign.


They never left us

And just started watching from another direction.

-From the forgotten plates of ruin around the Rochamia Empire, written by a historian who will be lost to history-

There are always mysterious things waiting for the world that has not experienced destruction not only in their parallel world, these are everywhere. They are just too small to know this. For a long time, they recovered and decided their destiny to do what they wanted. Everyone in the Gladia world. A fantasy world of knights and wizards, who have only recently entered a new era of prosperity and enlightenment (aka the late Renaissance).

But what they don’t know as they begin this period, a new and foreign force has begun to root itself and take shape.

A power that was not known before, ancient and foreign.

The echoes of the past that were swallowed up in the bowels of the earth or the high skies or the depths of the seas, hidden from every sentient eye, began to take root and take shape.

A new era has begun to emerge that will determine the fate of all.

The Age of Dungeon Cores

How will everyone react and how will history happen? who knows? It depends on everyone and every moment and decision.

An idea that was deep inside my mind, that was just waiting to burst out and a job that took at least some time, and now it seems to have come to fruition, me and my new Co-GM @fralegend015 , Proud to present the latest idea that has been brewing for him and is just starting to take shape and embodiment:


A civulation-like game where you are the core of a dungeon! (or in short: Auto-battler dungeon core civi-like)
[A temporary name has become permanent]

You are a dungeon core that has just awakened to him after ages of formlessness and unknown, received the essence of the eyes that were in the previous period of the world, began to come to life and set his steps into the world.

You, the core of the dungeon, this is a misleading name, but that’s what the locals will call you when they first meet you, since this whole thing is foreign and unfamiliar before.

How you will behave, what you will do and what you want to do is in your pure hands!

There is only one small problem…

I think you don’t have a body that can move.
You are the head, but there is no body except the dungeon in which you are imprisoned, forever. But don’t worry, because you have something you haven’t seen before: a minion created from information you have and has taken physical form, loyal to you, ready to receive your command and make a mark on the world.

What you do is all up to you!

So what’s different compared to my previous games?

The voting system:

Get to know “Order”!
What you didn’t expect: there is no cap or limit to how much you can make for a round!
the catch? Each unit is only able to do a simple command and only once, so votes of “If you do this by chance and” or “If this happens, then” won’t do anything! A direct and precise command and only once is enough to start them.

Ticks for rounds:

Ticks This is a queue. How many ticks per round this means how many turns you have for a round and with them - how many things you will start doing in a round.

If, for example, there are 5 ticks in one round, this means that for each tick you can make one command for one unit, so that the scheme will be 5 commands for one round, in order.

such as:
Tick 1:
Unit 1 will collect some material

Tick 2:
Unit1 will start creating a new unit

Tick 3:
Unit 1 will continue to create new units
Unit 2 will collect materials (unless told otherwise, they will have someone do this until they finish or are prevented from doing this)

Tick 4:
Unit 1 will continue to create a new unit
Unit 3 will survey the area (this type of command will only be received in a new round)

tick 5:
Unit 1 will continue to create a new unit
Unit 4 will collect other materials.

And that’s it - that’s the whole round you got.

So keep track of how many ticks there are in each round

And he said on the side - the first and second rounds will be 5 ticks per round - things will progress very quickly.


Knowledge is power and with it - the knowledge to create units or structures is extremely important. There are no requirements for creating templates in particular for combining and modifying existing ones or going out into the field and finding new ones. Just so you know - you can steal patterns from other players.

and more!!!

Very interesting! Isn’t it?

Are you interested in joining and starting to leave a mark on the world?

Want to conquer Alum or create an eternal alliance or just try to discover the world?

Here is the template for those who join:

You can find all the required information in the following link: LINK for madness
Don’t be intimidated by the 71 pages of info… it’s simpler than it looks (even less complex than Remmortal, trust me)

Template for submission:

Origin: (up to three origins, set in 10 sets of purity) [example: 5 Lilith, 3 Bound, and 2 Theourgy]
Augments: You can choose from the origins you selected or from the generals, 4 augments and one (only) creative combo (total of 6 augments) If you chose to use augments that create a combo, write them down and they should replace them. so the quantity does not change. [example: The Sage combo (take 2 augments), Domius, Revival, and a creative combo of Learning and Power above all - a total of 6 augments]

Name: (our name of the core) | (possible also name of your territory)


Positive: (up to 2)

Negative: (up to 1)



Membrane compound:

Cladding walls:



General look of the units: (Describe what your basic unit looks like)



Just one more thing before I finish submitting:
The amount of origin is limited!
In the list below, these are the amount of stacks left for players (and me) to take to assemble your dungeon core!

So whoever caught first, wins.
But with so much to choose from, I don’t expect them to run out anytime soon.

Or yes!

(Remember that you can fill up to 10 stacks of Origins, up to 3 Origins)

Origins cap list:

  • Creators - 0 Stacks left
  • Synthetic gods - 15 Stacks left
  • Voidborns - 13 Stacks left
  • Theurgics - 2 Stacks left
  • Bounceds - 15 Stacks left
  • Ernalines - 15 Stacks left
  • Unrealmy- 2 Stacks left
  • Soulnets - 3 Stacks left
  • Eternals - 6 Stacks left
  • Arttars- 15 Stacks left
  • Serbini - 12 Stacks left
  • Lilith - 12 Stacks left
  • Gaia - 1 Stack left

The rounds will be in PM, so the privacy of your round is guaranteed, but we prefer that you do the submission to participate in the game here.

We will get up to 8 players (not including us, the GMs, who also participate, and we will help each other) and we will divide the players between us.

The start date of the game itself will happen after the end of CWW at a later date and I don’t know exactly, so you have all the time in the world to think from the pages what you want.

I and @fralegend015 will answer any question for you here or privately.

I hope you enjoy the next ones because this is going to be over very soon.

LINK because its improten
It will go one-on-one with Remmortal, so don’t worry I’ve already abandoned things, it’s even in the same storyline.


yeah im gonna need time to figure out the combo of my dreams. gimme like a few hours.


Origins: Eternals - 5 Creator - 4 Unrealmy - 1
Augments: A world within A world (Takes Interdimensional hole + Timeless Zone)+Space pockets from Game Changer: Independant.
Creative Combo: Obsolescence + Metamorphosis
Time Gate

Core Name: Nova
Theme: Outer Space and the objects therein, such as black holes, stars, planets, etc. The place is way bigger on the inside…Perhaps the more rooms they have, the more potential for different celestial objects encountered.
Positive: 1. Unfamiliar Beings Find it harder to navigate (and can’t breath if they’re organic).
2. Hazards of space will make it so any intruder has an extremely difficult time surviving.
Negative: The Place around the user is hazardous to nearly all organic forms of life.
Thought Form: Gestalt
Membrane Compound: Bountronoid
Cladding Walls: None- The dungeon is an open large space
I’ve chosen this because why not? Its a safe bet as It allows for…
Advantages: Less, if any cost for more space to be created within the dungeon.
Disadvantages: No walls for invaders to be stopped by

General Look of the units: Sapient and sentient otters which convey the space-like theme with patches on their body that are practically a window into a view of outer space.
Advantage: More capable of surviving in the vacuum of space, and the radiation there.
Disadvantage: If outside of the independent core, they provide entry points into the core via their space patches on their body.

@doomlightning Here it is!


i might use this game to expand on the third tea diety/apostle…


simian neurogenesis


congrats @fralegend015 on becoming the co-GM!
I may submit my stuff at a later date.


i plan to find a way to make a unit type specifically for making units specifically made to be eaten from sunlight, water, and dirt/corpses. i don’t care what i need to photosynthesize but i will do it

quick question: do the augments use a stack of whatever origin they’re from?


No, they don’t.


An intricate series of pulsating geometric shapes lie suspended in a black and purple void, each connected by shifting and contorting strands to each other. On one of the strands there is a being composed of severeal layers of a membranous sheets that bends into folds which move periodically like the movements of a jellyfish, it travels across the strand until it reaches one of the shaèes it connects and enters it.

In the inside the being finds a giant encephalon from which cerebral tentacles sprouted, on top of the brain floated a purple halo on top of which floated an eye. The eye of the cerebral being glances at the being that just entered the strange structure before a voice echoes from the brain.

“A kosmologian… I’m going to assume that you are here to give me a report about the middle reality sector I22967877,” The cerebrum stated with a tone of anticipation. “I heard that something unusual happened in it.”
“Yes, sector I22967877 has just undergone a sudden collapse event followed by an unnatural recostruction event, we still didn’t manage to discover the reason for this,” The ctenophorical being extracted a pulsing sphere composed of strings wrapped on each other from its body before continuing. “But we did find an opening that could allow us to assimilate it into the shroud, the details are in this memory sphere.”

The brain used its tentacles to take the memory sphere and merge with it. “So the lower realities haven’t mady any movements towards assimilating this sector? Is it because of it’s unusually high defenses against extraexistencial entities? They truly must be dull to not recognize the potential in this sector.” The tentacled being said with glee in its voice. “I’ll draft an assimilation plan as soon as possible, we must conquer this sector and study its defenses so that we may gain an advantage in this war…” The being looks towards the kosmologian, “You are dismissed.”

Enshrouded core

Origin: Theurgy 9, Unrealmy 1

Augments: Walking in God’s feet (Name: Legatus Alitheirum), Collective, Non-Dimensional Bio, Formation, Creative combo (Infusion, Arcana Specialization (Psyonics)): Enshoudred soul - The souls of minions affected by this combo work in a different way from the souls native to this reality.

Beings with Enshrouded souls can mix psyonics with other arcana types, creating powerful psyonic variants. The enshrouded souls of dead minions persist in the world and don’t dissipate

Name: Desmos | Interstice

Theme: On the ground level it takes the aspect of a purple mist from which floating eyes circled by halos appear and dissapear. It also affects the sky, covering it in purple-black clouds from which radially symmetrical objects that emit a violet light protude; sometimes there is a gap inbetween the clouds, from which shifting geometrical patterns can be seen above the clouds.


Propagation Patterns - The theme can expand outside of the dungeon rooms, this expansion naturally take 25 ticks to cover an entire an entire tile, but can be speed up by making minions work on it or by using resources. This expansion can be controlled.

Psychic Patterns - Each tick this theme can take a number of commands, the amounts of commands that it can take scale with the amount of tiles it covers (With a minimum of 1), it can’t perform commands that require a physical body to be performed.


Enshrouded Bureocracy - It takes longer to create buildings in this theme.


Thoughtform: Individuality

Membrane compound: Ekconoids

Cladding walls: Psyonic Matter
Advantage: Strong, faster building time
Disadvantage: Higher maintenance

General look of the units: Souls that have been undirectly aiding the shroud by working under the rule of civilizations that reside in the layers of the pnevmetopos for centuries; we are sure the civilizations won’t care about this conscription, after all most of them have decided to stop doing a census after their demographics exceeded the quadrillions, and they didn’t complain all the previous times we did similiar things. The majority of them have a working experience of thousands of years in severeal fields, so they are quite able as workers.

In terms of visive appearence, their psyonic patterns makes them look like a wisp of purple light.

Advantage: Work experience - Increased production.

Disadvantage: Light wisp - Less stealth

core stuff

Origin: 3 serbini, 3 unrealmy, 4 creators.

augments: ancient copy cannibalism, interdimensional hole, ancient knowledge, thought facility, and whatever the result of my combo is
Core Name: Esper
Territory Name: Land of The belgiumed

Theme: abyssal rainforest

Positive: lots of sources of organics, plenty of fresh water

Negative: regular flooding(^[once every year the forest floor is covered in several meters of water, disables fires, impedes non-aquatic/aerial/arboreal movement, and makes the ground unsteady during and within 2 months of the wet season])


Thoughtform: gestalt

Membrane compound: carbonite

Cladding walls: organic

Advantage: accessible, repairable

Disadvantage: competes for the same resource types.

General look of the units: olms with ant-like levels of specialization

Advantage: echolocation([1])
Disadvantage: blind([2])

  1. they have organs for making loud noises to ‘see’ in both air and water( specifically
    a clicker in the mouth and extremely sensitive gill hairs) ↩︎

  2. they have no light receptive organs and thus cannot use light as a stimulus unless the genes for such an organ are acquired ↩︎


This sounds a bit like something I’m planning for a [REDACTED].


does this part

List of those forbidden to merge (merging them may cause strange problems):
Complexes arguments
Ancient knowledge
Nexus Spire
Broken Faith
Nexus Spire
Broken Faith

Game changer:
Walking in God’s feet
Prepare for coming
King of the Other Side
The all knowing
King of the mountain
Door to another world
Backward logic
Messenger of God
Back to original

Augment munipultions:
Ancient copy

mean we can’t make combos with the things in the list or that it’s just not recommended as the results might be the opposite of what we want?

either way the combo i’m making is HGT + metamorphosis because want fast evolution

btw sorry if i’m accidentally conveying any negative emotion, i just drank a big cup of coffee and we gots the zooms


that right - they are the ban list for creative combos

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You can’t do that.

You can only have 1 advantage, this is not 1 advantage.


just gonna post my origin stuff so it doesn’t get nabbed, will edit this later

Apilox's Core

Origin: theurgics 4, unrealmy 3, lilith 3

  • Caretaker Combo
  • avatar
  • initial wealth
  • Creative Combo: Summoning Imagination + Satanism

Core Name: Heart of Desires
Territory Name: Aplumera

Gardens of the Apostle
The dungeon is comprised of large rooms and long stretching hallways made of white marble. Its spaces are decorated with thorny red plants that grow in bizarre illogical ways, tall abstract stone statues that appear strangely organic in shape, as well as the presence of stairs and support columns. There don’t seem to be any light sources anywhere, yet somehow the space is brightly lit. The entire area has an inexplicable mesmerizing aura that leaves intruders fascinated and intrigued, which may entice them into exploring more of the place, and meeting their eventual demise at the hands of the horrors that hide within…

  • Positives:
    1- fake and alluring treasures form the basis for many traps that are scattered around the place, tricking greedy folk into meeting painful and agonizing ends within the halls of the dungeon
    2- tunnels only accessible to units native to the dungeon allow for fast travel and movement across the ever-changing layout of the place without forcing them to traverse the labyrinthine maze itself
  • Negatives:
    1- The Dungeon’s rooms and halls regularly rotate and connections between them change, creating a labyrinth that is extremely difficult to traverse, and that is also costly to maintain

it’s basically ultrakill’s violence layer btw, here it is for a bit of reference:



  • Cladding walls: Marble
    1- Advantage: Common material and easy to repair
    2- Disadvantage: Not very durable
  • Thought-form: Gestalt
  • Membrane compound: False Golem
  • General look of units:
    The Sculpted
    The units of this dungeon are tall lanky humanoid statues made of light-weight stone material. They possess a semi-organic feminine design with thin segmented limbs, providing them with lots of movement capability and agility. They usually stay idle and unmoving within the dungeon, perhaps to conserve their energy, blending in with the statues that decorate the labyrinthine garden, until unassuming intruders pass by…
    1- Advantage: higher mobility, agility and speed
    2- Disadvantage: more vulnerable to physical damage

that should be all I hope


Oh mamma mia, checked in and saw this lol


I will submit my submission here and expand it later on
(Also, you can already guess what it’s based on)

Dungeon Core

Origin: Creators 5, Voidborns 3, Unrealmy 2

Augments: Metamorphosis, Tranbelgiumation, Ethereal Depth, Non-Dimensional Bio, Creative Combo: Spread + Home Guard

Name: Uranes | Neocorea

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I changed my submission and added the intro.

My submission

Origins: Creator-2, and Soulnets-8
Augments: budding, back to life, the necromancer, oceanic
Creative combo: Phantom parasites (HGT + Ghosts)

Core name: Null
Territory name: The vendian depths
Theme: Primordial ocean life (Precambrian/Cambrian/deep sea)
positive: 1) plentiful resources (hydrothermal vents, microbial mats etc.), 2) crushing water pressure makes it difficult for enemy units to access.
negative: minions dehydrate on land and require a source of moisture.
Thought form: Gestalt
Membrane compound: Carbonite
Cladding walls: organic, made of a gelatinous tissue covered in stinging cells and supported by silica spicules.
Advantage: self-repairs, accessible
Disadvantage: competes for the same resources as units.

Unit appearance: Gelatinous organisms with sporadic patches of crystalline material constructed of silica that take the form of jaws, armor, claws and structural support. Individuals can vary in body plan and appearance but always have those two specific traits in common.
Advantage: Can regenerate lost parts or even replicate by fragmentation thanks to their simple body plan
Disadvantage: sluggish and vulnerable on land

Let me know if you need me to change anything.


Wait does that mean Remmortal is dead forever?


If that soo…
Why i have announced that he will return in end of April?



ive completed my submission
hopefully all looks good