Gods of the planet reboot

same rules of the one on the old forum
so does anyone want to join.

I searched for the thread but I couldn’t find it. What is the gods of the planet?

ill join.
name: Veros
type: earth
bio: Not much is known about Veros, only that he is ancient, mysterious, and rarely interacts with other gods.

have you searched in the old forums?

ill join in too
Name: Lipus
Type: Life
Bio: Lipus is a mischievous god that enjoys building things up to test how much they can take before falling back down all for his entertainment.

Yes if you find it could you please link it?



Name: Tort
Type: Earth
Bio: A block of hollow stone approximately 2 meters tall. Tort changes the direction of gravity at seemingly random intervals. It is unknown whether Tort is sentient. The inside of Tort is filled with a gas of unknown origin. When it is attempted to break open Tort it will react viciously, often changing the force of gravity to 9.8 to protect itself.

Bio:Speejkag is a mysterious being,He appears to be a giant star at first but when you take a closer look at him,you will lose control and immediatly approach the hot burning star.Speejkag’s Behavior or as He like to call it a personality is unknow,the only thing known about it is that He will sometimes emotionaly breakdown and become darker than the night sky itself

i don’t want to start the game before we have at least 1 of all types of element

i can’t wait for the game to begin, all we need is a water god and an air god.

your god sounds kinda sadistic

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Well this is quite fun

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You should just start it now it is obvious nobody else will join

we won’t be able to do much without a water and air god.

@zenzonegaming you can play with us and make a god of your own.

@TeaKing maybe later but you can make multiple gods i suppose.

i shall join (sorry for the double post)
name: grandmaster
element: all power (every element)
bio: grandmaster was the first god and created the universe and all other gods he is wise and all knowing. he has not made a world for many eons but he drawn to this solar system. his appearance is hidden by armor but you can see light seeping through the cracks.
this means that we have started you can do your votes now.
@TeaKing @Magic8Ball04 @PositiveTower @jellyfishmon

Er… ok…

Action: vibrate ominously

action: gather rocks and debris and collide them together.

Action:Float in space MENACINGLY ゴゴゴゴ

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