Heeeelllooo! I'm Liz! (or Miss Tiktaalik)

Hey everyone! My name is Liz and I love the idea of thrive! It’s like Spore but better! I see how little publicity this game has, and it sucks! I’ll help in anyway I can to get this game to completion! I make music and art if anyone needs it! Thankyou for reading lol :}


Welcome new fellow Thrivist @MissTiktaalik! Hope you like the forums, have you played the game yet?

Here is the Thrive Community Forum starter pack

I’m not a dev or any big thrive thing, but if you have enough skill you can surely join the dev team as an artist or a sound designer/engineer!

May you have a great stay!

Oh, one last thing, a topic to say how did you get introduced to Thrive and if you played spore formerly, if you want


I have yeaa! It’s gotta lot of promise!


Welcome to the Thrivist faction, @MissTiktaalik
Enjoy your stay

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Thankyou! I will. :>


Hi, aNd welkOme to the KommUnity Fohrums!

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Good morning, good afternoon, good night depending of where you are!
Hope you enjoy the forums

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Welcome to the community forums!! I hope you enjoy your stay!

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