Hello, fellow users

Hello, I’m Mercurus, though you can call me Mercury, I have some experience with speculative evolution and biology in general, I have a great fascination with exobiology and such and I will probably enjoy the game Thrive when it comes out

I have a idea for a forum game (which will be evolution based), I will make the starter organisms to play as and I think that you guys will enjoy it

I hope that I will have a great time in the forum


welcome to the forums!

Greetings fellow object.

welcome tho the forum!!!

Weovome to the forrum

Welcome to the Thrive Community Forums™, my spherical comrade!

print(“Hello World”)

Welcumen to the Community Forums, I sayeth to thee.

Welcome, Mercury. Hope you like this community

Hello there. hope you enjoy the forums!

Welcome, oh great messenger of Thriveness.
May this place treat you well.