Hello Gentlemen and Ladies

Hello everyone
I’m new but I love Thrive and it’s community, I hope I can have some fun here while I’m active

Idk what more to type so ig I can mention Numbats are a very werid creature


Welcome to our forums!

indeed numbats are weird, but we have a lot more weird stuff but did u hear about the hammer-headed bats or the Tully monster?
anyway, Welcome!

why did you put gentlemen before ladies?
seems a bit sexist tbh.
(i make very good first impressions).

Ladies and gentlemen Non-binary and everything in between*

Welcome to the forums!

Numbats are indeed weird! Some other interesting creatures are Dragon Millipedes, who shoot clouds of Hydrogen Cyanide, and Glaucus Atlanticus, a sea slug that swims upside down, and when stung by jellyfish it absorbs the venom and adds it to its own sting before eating the jellyfish

i am not a lady or a gentleman but welcome to the forums.
what’s a numbat

It’s a little marsupial that looks like a cross between a kangaroo and an anteater, but it lacks a pouch unlike most other marsupials

Like Twilightwings21 said their a Marsupial but their active during day, eat termites (werid given said name is anteater), Have 4 kids and no pouch and while having teeth they don’t penetrate the gum of Numbats, and something interesting it’s males colour themself with a gland to red during mating session

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welcome to the formus : D

Fun fact: some marsupials have smooth brains! Literally! Look up koala brain or opossum brain.
It is often assumed that this is why koalas are so dumb, however opossums are actually pretty smart so I think koalas are just like that.

maybe oppossums have brain folds in the brain but not on the outside of the brain

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