Hello, I am FTL

I found out recently about this game thanks to oliver lugg’s video and I instantly fell in love with the project. I always appreciate open source projects and I loved spore, even though like others I could not but resent it’s lack of depth and I’d love to see a game with a more realistic and scientific style.
I have done some basic coding in C and python but it’s unlikely I will contribute by coding directly at least for a while since I don’t have much time.
However if I find the time I would be keen on discussing practical and short term improvements to the game: balance changes, UI improvements, visuals and fleshing out short term ideas.


Hello! Welcome FTL, I hope you enjoy it here. Heres the FAQ, just in case. Please make yourself at home! General pointer: before asking a question click the search function, try and find your question, and if no one’s asked it, please do make a topic! So yeah, join a forum game, try and smeltle le meltel, and have fun.


Welcome to the forums! I’m happy to see that new people have discovered Thrive through Oliver’s video.

Hey, welcome! Glad to welcome you to the forum

It’s always nice to see new faces, it means I might not be the only one online for long stretches of time!

An aside

Y’know we’ve had a handful of people joining/rejoining cause of that video, I should probably get around to actually watching it…

Welcome to the forums!

I do think it obvious to say, because of everyone here, but Welcome to our “very” small forum.
I hope u will enjoy our compact community

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