Hello Thrive fans!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a long time lurker since I’d say 2016 when I first got into Spore. I managed to find Thrive through watching Spore modding youtube videos. I then went through Oliver Lugg’s OST for Thrive which really hooked me on the idea of the game.

I will always remember those old renders. (Disturbance is my favourite piece of concept art!)

I think at one point I made an account on the old forums, but never posted! I recently came back to see the progress on the game, as I always do every year or so, and was quite surprised on the progress.

Thought I should start getting into the community more rather than being a lurker.


Welcome back? to the forums.
Just incase you haven’t seen it yet here’s the FAQ thread.

I thought we were linking this thread to new people:

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I wasn’t aware of that. My bad.

Greetings! I hope you enjoy your stay on the new forums.

Welvome to the forum!

Hello! I find it quite ironic that your pfp has no nose despite your username being BigNoseJohn

welcome to the forum!!

Wellkum to the Komooonity Fowums!

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Good morning, good afternoon or good night and welcome to the forums