Help! My thrive crashes on start

I only installed the game and it crashes
I did not extracted it
it appears as a white screen by seconds,then it crashes :frowning_face:

Do you have Intel HD 4000 graphics? If you do then that’s why it doesn’t start.
It might work if you update your graphics drivers.

I have intel graphics but when i try to update it says that its up to date+

actually,i dont have a graphics update but i have a windows 10 update
it is Windows 10, version 1809

Then there is nothing you can do to make Thrive run on your computer.

i checked

For graphics cards, there is a model and a driver. The model of the graphics card determines what the graphics card is physically able to do. Examples of these include Nividia Geforce series, AMD cards, and integrated Intel HD cards.

Drivers are the software that power your graphics cards to make them run the most optimally that they can. There are different drivers for different graphics cards.

So in your case, you have an outdated graphics card with the most up to date drivers for that outdated graphics card model. Most likely your graphics card itself is out of date, so far graphics cards in the Intel HD 4000 series and lower all have problems running the latest versions of Thrive. If your graphics card is physically outdated, there is nothing you can do besides to buy a dedicated GPU and put that into your computer.

Plus, what you showed in that picture isn’t even your graphics driver, that’s your monitor’s driver.

This is your graphics driver.

It was “Intel® HD Graphics”
Im sure its physically outdated+

And it says the best drivers are already installed