Hhyyrylainen true form contest

I’m hosting a contest. our lovely moderator and programmers pfp appears to be a mechanical eye of some kind. the contest is for artist on this forum to make the rest of hh’s bod and then we will have a vote for contest winner (no voting on yourself obviously). the contest will end on Thursday and we will have the voting Friday

thanks you,
titus the human


No matter what, I will never stop seeing hhyyrylainen in a way similar to this:


hiiii wheatley
(filler text :p)

bro why did you dox him like that

the eye always made me think of a giant techno dragon

The picture isn’t of hhyyrylainen though, it’s wheatley from Portal 2. hh just looks similar in my mind.

have you heard of a joke my friend?

I did. And I’m aware that what fralegend said was a joke. However, I have no idea how to take certain jokes and carry on with them without spiraling into an uncomfortable, awkward and unpleasant discussion.

i feel that
[F I L L E R T E X T]

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You don’t carry on most jokes that’s how they get stale and boring. It’s just a momentary thing that you carry on after like it didn’t happen most of the time.