How/will photosynthesizers become aware organisms?

Because of the fact that photosynthesis is the most viable strategy right now how/will it be possible to become aware. On earth as far as I am aware all organisms that do photosynthesis are either plants or microorganisms which are both not considered “aware”. Will Thrive treat all photosynthesizers like they are on earth and be forced to be plants and be prevented from developing higher thought or will they be able to become aware and create civilization? (Sorry if I got any of these things wrong my knowledge of biology isn’t very great but I am trying to improve)

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Short answer: depends on the balance of the game.

That would be in terms of how much energy a plant can produce/burn at any one point vs how taxing a central nervous system will be.

If it’s super realistic, then it’ll be difficult to get the right amount of energy production for a brain, without going mostly animal-esque

That said, it might not be that stringent to do it in game, because some of the numbers aren’t quite exactly one to one IRL equivalent. (Iron eating producers are way better in game)

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