How will psychology of your species affect your civilization

(This applies to Awakening+ stages)

(For example) If your species is carnivore and violent will this affect your species’s civilization. For example number of wars, division sizes or similar?


I’ve also heard theories that in order to manage to build a civilization a species needs to have innate traits about being cooperative. So an extremely violent species, where it would have major impacts on war policy, might not be possible.

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Yeah something like that.

For example more violent and less cooperative species will better work in smaller unit sizes, while more cooperative species work better in bigger size units.

I think it’s one of the big challenges of the civ stages to make it feel like your choices up to that point are still having an impact. We absolutely don’t want to say “ok you made it to the first city, now you’re playing a generic civ game from here on”.

I think stellaris’ traits system has some cool examples of things you can do. Like having your leaders lifespans be longer or shorter (earth would be very different if humans lived 10 or 1000 years) or maybe having tradeoffs about conformism vs innovation, or happiness vs industriousness.

I agree with hh though, you need to be super cooperative to build a space faring civ imo.

Also where you can build cities is important. Maybe in one game with an amphibious creature you love archipelagoes whereas in another your horse like creature makes plains very attractive and the oceans hard to navigate.


I read that, it sounds pretty cool.

It could also be, like if your civilization values the looks of something comparative to it’s usefulness, or vice versa.


This remind me of the “Split” race in the X-franchise. They are a warmongering race that haven’t even left the clan-mentality behind them. They aren’t very fond of cooperating and generally unfriendly towards races they think are “weak”.

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