Humanity in the next ice age

cows produce around 2’300 kg’s of CO2 per year, whilst the us alone produces 1.744000e+9kg of Co2 alone from only its power production (in tons its 2.3 vs 1744 million)

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But they have existed for 10,500 years for longer so they would have produced more co2 then any factory ever. So why hasn’t the earth become a venus like planet.

From using your maths that puts cows at 24 150 000kgs of CO2 from their entire lifes, not even comparable to a year of us CO2 pollution alone

10,500 years. factories have existed 200 years

Another factor: Trees. Trees absorb CO2. thats why there wasnt a large amount. Cutting down the trees release co2 and also stop more co2 from being absorbed.

There are 3 trillion of trees around the world so its not a problem

ffs this is why people dont talk to you, because you dont listen. You dont absorb any information. all you do is try to disprove a point, and thats not a conversation. Its more like trying to talk to a brick wall.


Ok ok so saying there are three trillion trees means your a liberal environmental commie and you are so so wrong

before humanity discovered agriculture, there were more than 6 trillion. that has halfed.


yes 3 trillion is such a small number (he says sarcastically)

compared to 6 trillion, yes. now if you excuse me, i dont want to spend my morning arguing with a broken record.


Ok i’ll start saying what everyone says climate change is man made we should become cavemen and shun everyone who disagrees with us and mars is the only planet to colonize and rednascar11 is a science denying bigot

OK, this went from people saying stupid stuff, to people arguing about climate change when this is just a scenario. What would YOU do if an ice age IS happening in order to save SOCIETY because humans WOULDN’T go extinct from it so that’s not the question.

Thought i would brighten the mood by taking someones post out of context.

Speaking of ice ages, only people in areas where poverty is high would have a higher chance of dying in my opinion, due to people of higher class having more access to heating systems. We should fix that, shouldn’t we?

I agree entirely. Take away everyones heaters!


but no


We would definitely evolve to combat this oncoming snow, possibly becoming almost like yetis

stop necroposting, its been an entire year!

Cut him some slack, he’s new.

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