Hunting in a pack

hej guys so i am wondering could you hunt in a pack like raptors do?

This is one of those “why not” features. It happens on Earth, so it can be added to the game, at some point.
But feel free to discuss how you would want the feature to work.


i woul want to have like a evolution part in the editor that grants you a skill to do a roar and summon a pack somethin like that

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Yeah interesting. In the microbe stage there will hopefully be agents you can get which let you summon other members of your species to hang around with you. That will kind of be an equivalent to pack hunting. (Or the microbial equivalent of a dance party.)

Then this starts playing


…I knew what that link would link to before clicking it. I’ve spent way too much time here.


That’s child’s play compared to what i leave in the periods of some of my posts.

How did I know you were going to do that.

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Erm… SO back to packs. Species need food, and food is hard to get when moving. Packs are a great solution to this since it adds strategy with more “players” to chase down the mobile food. The food is also shared to everyone, which should theoretically increase your population by the amount of all other pack members (+20X). This also means if you die, other pack members will probably fail, so as a defect, population decreases by you and all your pack members (-50X). I can see this if we add the behaviours tab and perhaps a organelle/compound editor. Since you seem to want to be able to summon a pack, maybe you can make a modified toxin or a new secreted substance that makes any surrounding cells within, lets say, 5 generations to you follow you as a pack. This seems to much work for the devs, so lets dump all the stress on the player instead. We can make them code the behaviours into predator like actions like “If leader clicks [cell] then attack the [clicked cell].”