I cant figure out how to change my profile pic :(

how do i change my profile picture? ive been trying to for the past 30 min, i also couldn’t find any other guide. please help:(


In the sidebar on the top right, select the tab that looks like a person, then the ‘Preferences’ option. One of the first things that should pop up is a field that allows you to change your profile picture

Here is how it looks on mobile, it should be similar on computer

Hope this helps!


thank you so much, hope it wont just be me.


What is your pfp?

so there’s this mildly obscure kids show that aired from 2005 to 2008 on pbs called Zula Patrol, i used to watch it as a kid, and is one of the reasons i got really into spec-species projects (not the aliens the planets, ill make a post about Diakians some other time) i just trimmed one of the images of the show from google images, the episode was “earth hunt” and in that image it looks like earth is entirely fed up with Jupiter and Saturn stealing her lunch money. i would also bet $3 that this show is the sol (pun) reason that things like planet balls exist, this show was the og planet balls. sometimes i watch episodes of the show an randomly pause the video (when the planets are on screen) for the most cursed images possible for fun. this show could probably turn out some kind of meme format because of the sheer number of cursed images.

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If this exists then no: The Zula Patrol - Wikipedia

huh, thought it was mildly obsure, thanks

There are wikipedia pages for really obscure things. Or were you referring to something else?

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But if it is a lengthy page, it must not be that obscure.

someone needs to make a very lengthy wikipedia page for thrive then

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