I don't see the compounds clouds

It shouldn’t, but maybe it does affect something. Did you try putting a f after it (assuming you had issues before)?

I’m having this bug too, and I use an AMD RX 580. At first I thought this was a feature and I had to have an organelle to see the clouds, but not seeing them was incredibly frustrating. Is there any possibility of this being fixed in the next version?

It’s not possible for us current programmers to fix as we don’t have AMD cards, so only thing we could do was to make random changes, send them to someone with the problem, and just hope it works. Basically it’s a colossal waste of time.

This is my previous post about this issue:

Perhaps you can code a simple placeholder texture for the clouds for people with this issue? Like spawn a X or something in each coord with clouds, of course make this feature toggle-able. Idk, it seems like it’d be a while before you got different graphics cards.

@Untrustedlife found an AMD laptop to test on. I don’t know what exactly he tried but he spent a few hours not getting anything to show up in place of the clouds. So there is something going on that’s difficult to fix. I don’t think it is worth it to make completely different clouds for a single brand of GPU users, it’s just not a very productive thing to do.

But there’s so many people who have AMD GPUs. There’s only two GPU trademarks, so… .

EDIT : If that is possible, I would volonteer for being a graphics tester for the team, so that you may be able to fix that bug.

Unfortunately, no one of them have volunteered to fix the clouds…

This was suggested before. And the problem with this is that there can be hundreds of potential things that go wrong on AMD. It would be absolutely tedious to work like this: make small change -> compile -> zip it -> upload somewhere -> wait for the tester to download -> wait for report from the tester -> ask for clarification as if they aren’t a graphics expert they can’t accurately describe rendering related things.

It would be just a huge waste of time. And @Untrustedlife already tried a lot of small changes on an AMD laptop he had access to, and got nowhere. So it might not even be possible without running debugging tools on an AMD computer and a ton of effort to fix.

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And what if you would ask about this some AMD developer on github?

I have an RXVEGA64 in my PC, and i dont see them either. The problem is, im not a developer, have no clue how all of this is working. At least, yet…

i even would say, the communitty could help to get a card, like an RX480 its cheap enough and new enough to be able to test it.

How do you suggest us going about that?

I have now marked the cloud bug as “help wanted” and pinned it at the top of our issues list. I doubt that will attract contributions as so far over the past 5 years there’s been only a couple pull requests for fixing issues from people not on the team (I made one of them before joining).

We do advertise with some regularity on hobby programmer forums and we have tried specifically attracting a graphics programmer but no luck so far. It’s really difficult to find new team members. Over the past year I and Untrustedlife have done the majority of the work with few issues tackled by a few other programmers on the team.

I can’t speak on behalf of @Untrustedlife but for me the problem with that is that I have only one desktop computer so every time I’d like to test with AMD I’d have to swap graphics cards. I considered getting Radeon VII once they launch but it just is maybe a bit too expensive and I might not see much benefit as I currently have a GTX 1080 Ti. I do like that AMD has better Linux drivers so I’m still considering but as I’m not working full time until the summer I’m not sure I can afford to buy a new graphics card now, especially as I have a GSYNC monitor which I can’t properly use with an AMD card so I’d be additionally looking at buying a new monitor for around 500 euros. So, while it would be possible for the community to help me out that way, the amount of money I’d need is more money in total than Untrustedlife has received through his Patreon over many months.

Everybody, I have the immense honor to announce that the AMD problem has been solved ! I am a tester dedicated to @Untrustedlife, and he allowed me to post this link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/25blyh00g1p9qx0/ThriveAMDClouds.zip?dl=1 . This will give you the version in which the AMD problem has been fixed! But attention! You must tell me or @Untrustedlife if you cannot access the cell editor without any crash. Enjoy it!

do you know how do i install?

You just download it, unzip it (this is an important step) and then run bin/Thrive.exe

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