I’ll draw users on this forum if you want

I’ll draw you if you want to. By that I mean I’ll either draw your profile or your username.

To start this off I’ll post some drawings of users I’ll already made

I want one. :smiley:

I’m interested in seeing what you can come up with with me. I mean, apart from Thrive Odyssey (casual self-promotion) I don’t post as much as since I first joined.

Idk, I’ll read into what a Fnarr is because idk what your profile picture is supposed to be

FNarr is my Spore race, I can post a picture if you want. The avatar is buff frieza, but some of my past profile pictures included bootleg Draco Malfoy from a harry potter game, Palpatine and the pharao from Joshua and the Promised Land.

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Here is @DeepSix

@OmnipotentFNarr you’re next

Edit: also a picture would be helpful

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Here’s what I could find:


Captain from GAF'Narr (3)

Pharao: 2973_2

Palpatine: Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 10.30.37 PM

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Thanks, I draw the Fnarr since it is an original creation

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That’s excellent, thank you!

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No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I tried my best on this one:


Awesome! That looks great.

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Thanks, I’ll be doing more redraws of that if people don’t put any suggestions here

yes i approve
This is good art yes you make good art.
It looks a bit too rough, but that gives it some sort of… soul i guess. It’t just special and good and i don’t know how to describe it because i have zero words in my vocabulary

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Thanks @Nover452! I appreciate your criticism

I’ve been trying to clean up my art but still retain the same style

Also I’ll draw you soon

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Can you draw me? I don’t really have any meaningful pop’s before this (they were all my dog).

Ok, I’ll draw you. I’ll draw the bird thing on your profile

I would want to look at me in your eyes :D.

Okay, I’ll draw you as well

Idk what u are so I’m gonna assume you’re a black hole

I just guess i wont be drawed anymore
the old pic was easier

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