I wish the civilization stage is a simulation game

I wish the civilization stage is a simulation game, starting from the wild “man” to build, the AI will automatically move, sleep, work, play, eat, and build automatically according to the materials on hand. The player manually selects the building/selects the location/demolishes when he wants to interfere. Design of building can be make by player which only make “parts”, AI will generate a whole building from parts and add function to it and become standard model.

speed up system should be 1: 1/min , 2: 1/10mins , 3: 1/1hour , 4: 1/24hour , 5: 1/1 month , 6: 1/1 year

Player can select a citizen and become first person in the game, play around just like a GTA.
So, it can become a survival game, a businessmen game, company operation game, politic game(?).
speed up system will cut down to 1: 1/min , 2: 1/10mins , 3: 1/1hour

I think we all know thirve have a Far-reaching vision and can be a 100 year project.
So I wish we can nail the biggest vision(which can be achive).


It should be like a strategy game.


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