Iceburg for thrive 2#

since last time failed lets try agian! we need plenty help with all the members of thrive community


I don’t see the image. Or did you trick me?

thats wierd. we might try another iceburg

The image shows up just fine for me.


Now it works. I see it. :relieved:

how did you see it? Did you reload the page?
I do not see anything

|Skill issues
Same image but hopefully it works for other people

it still does not work

Works for me, probably something on your end if you can’t see the image

so id like to make this post a wiki everyone can edit
we’ll put suggested stuff to be added to the iceburg here
then we’ll categorize them

First tier ideas: Disturbance, Oliveriver’s video, spore, Underwater civs, hydrothermal vents
second tier ideas: hhyyrylainen Kikygames, Evolutions! BurgeonBlas, necroposting
third tier ideas: Shrek as player cell, lounge category, teaking is a mod, sciocont’s reign, the old forum, necroshitposting,
fourth tier ideas: rednascar, doomlighting is a mesoamerican god, floating forges, uplifting means underwater civs are possible, pre-multicellular prototype colony organisms, productive necroposting
Fifth tier ideas: stealthstyle is a mod, zenzone is kikygames, alternate tech tree doesn’t mean what you think it means,
Sixth tier ideas: ascended users, deathwake is kikygames, land civs, space civs, nuclear reactors to smelt underwater, kikygames, strange sounds on the soundtrack, TU,


wait a second i dont know how to do that

I did it for you lol


How is zenzone and deathwkae both kikygames?

Zenzone is Deathwake??? could it be?

Nah I helped Deathwake nuke Zenzone they are very different people.

Also Deathwake can spell Hhyyrylainens name correctly.

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Thank you for defending zen- er, me, twilight.

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we should try to actually try do this

we should probably get permission from every user in the ice burg

Viva la disco mode

In an earlier version of Thrive, there was glitch where the cell nucleus flashed which was dubbed the disco mode. The feature was given its own theme song in the april fools update of 0.4.0. It is decided that in the final game, while using cheats in microbe stage, the cell will turn into a disco ball.

The banana biome

Going with the thrive memes, there was another glitch which turned the background into a yellow “banana” biome. This paranormal event has resulted in the formation of cults worshipping the banana gods, which had 13 followers and 2 also followers. Unfortunately, anti banana activists convinced the moderators to persecute all cult activities and silence their threads. The true number of the cult today is unknown.

The helicopter build

Before rotation speed was added, colonies could spin at infinite speed, and this creature was made

50 gens writes 10 achievements a day for the last few months

I suggest other people to write achievements too. For me, writing lots of small ideas is easier than making a single long post.

Robotrannic madness
In the achievement thread in the old forum, a lot of unviable achievements were started to be posted.

[Oliveriver]how would the game even know your creature was hexagonal or your economy was based on toothbrushes? but they’re fun to speculate on so create as many as you want.

robotrannic was one of the earliest posters. when he saw what was going on, he decided to do the same.some of his achievements were really weird
  • the cake is a lie: play a entire playthrough of thrive without encountering cake
  • a angry sassauge: create a worm thats extremly agressive
  • raw raw ahhh ahh ahhh ahh ahh: make eating raw meat a priority
  • the most nnoying creature in the universe:only know one word and itss hooplah
  • this fern is very important: stare at a plant for 4 hours
  • absolute territory: nice legs (secret achievement have legs that are extremely large compared to your body)
he was a frequent poster, he would post an achievement right after someone else posts

(Aquos posts 4 achievements after 4 days of silence)

  • [TheGraveKnight]And cue the obligatory RoboTrannic achievement after every single post :stuck_out_tongue:
  • [RoboTrannic] I INVENTED IT FIRST READ YOUR BIBLE I DID IT: invent something already invented
  • [TheGraveKnight]Saw that coming a mile away.
  • [RoboTrannic] actually it was 1.6 km: fly 1.6 km in one continues flight
  • [RoboTrannic] isolation: go where no animal can go before going to space
the other users decided that he was a big contributer to the madness on the achievement tread
  • [TheGraveKnight]Ok no offense Robo but I am now dubbing you the “Crash Bandicoot” of the forums.
  • [RoboTrannic] thats a compliment since the n.sane trilogy outsold any 3d mario game

He has posted in the new forum, but nothing in the achievement thread. After some time, he became inactive, and didn’t respond to my intrusive pinging. I feel very sad for never meeting you, robo. I hope the world brings you joy, like you brought to it.

Baby related achievements
In the old forum, a user posted an achievement about killing babies

[TheGraveKnight]Going Too Far?: Kill 20 babies (Aware).

it was not long before there were a lot of achievements about killing babies
  • [RoboTrannic] HOW DARE YOU:kill a baby
  • [StealthStyleL] Do You Think Killing Babies Is Funny? - Kill 10 babies
  • [Aquos] you… you monster…: kill 100 baby’s
  • [Aquos] it’s not even human anymore…: kill 1000 baby’s
  • [StealthStyleL] Hasta La Vista, Baby: Kill a baby with a Terminator. Invent robots.
and its opposite, feeding babies
  • [Aquos]how nice: feed a baby
  • [Aquos]so nice?: feed 20 babies
  • [Aquos]you must really like feeding babies: feed 10 babies
  • [Aquos]nicest person on the planet: feed 100 babies
  • [Aquos]too good to be human !: feed 1000 babies
  • [Aquos]a rather good person: do not kill or feed a baby til Ascension
there was the general feeling that there were too many achievements about babies

[The_Wayward_Admiral]Not Sure How I feel About This…: Complete all baby related achievements.

Repeating achievements

With a very long list of achievements, some achievements were thought of more than once, or some names were used for different achievements. here are some examples

achievements about creatures with wheels
  • [Aquos]cyclotorians: have a species with organic wheels
  • [Aquos]Cyclods: Make a species with organic 3 organic weels. [Hidden Achievement]
  • [Atrox]LEGS ARE FOR SQUARES: Design a wheeled creature!!
  • [TheGraveKnight]Atrox’s Legacy: Create an organism with a biological wheel as it’s primary locomotion. (Multicellular, Aware)
  • [GRODOG]Atrox will be Proud: evolve a wheel
  • [RoboTrannic]organic wheels are possible: through engineering create a creature with wheels
  • [Blast]Aware Stage: Wheely : Create a fully rotating Joint/Wheel
  • [50gens]Cars: Evolve wheels on a very flat geography. Since blood vains can’t connect to a rotating part, it would be made from dead tissue and powered by hands like a wheelchair user
achievements about having a simulation inside a simulation
  • [The_Wayward_Admiral]Recursion is it’s Own Reward: Produce a world simulation on your species’ version of computers
  • [namoon]So Meta: Make a game about evolution in the Industrial Stage.
  • [Silverstorm]Inception:Make your species develop a game called Thrive.
  • [spore123]Thrivecepction: in industrial age…your species develop an evolution game similar to Thrive
  • [MechanicalPumpkin]The Inception: Program Thrive in Thrive.
  • [spore123]Wait, Spore is here?: In industrial stage, watch how your society creates a game similar to Spore
  • [OrangeFlame]Game Inside a Game: Invent Video Games
  • [50gens]Glitch in the matrix: Have (you being in a video game) one of the most seriously considered ontological theories by your scientists
  • [spore123]Deja Vu: in industrial stage, watch how a game similar to spore is made, and years later, a game similar to thrive is made.
  • [titus_the_human]thriveception: have your citizens create a scientifically accurate evolution game
achievements named disco fever
  • [Narotiza]Disco Fever: Complete an entire game in Disco Mode, from microbe to ascension.(less than 5% of game-time can be outside of disco mode)
  • [RoboTrannic]disco fever: conger a planet with a sound weapons
  • [RoboTrannic]Disco fever: activate disco mode
achievements called "war never changes"
  • [ATP Kraken]War Never Changes: Deploy a nuke.
  • [ATP Kraken]War Still Hasn’t Changed: Destroy a planet from surface combat.
  • [evolution4weαk]War Changes: Your Become A Union
  • [TheGraveKnight]War Never Changes: Develop an atomic bomb. (Industrial, Space)
  • [Lanky Giraffe]War, war never changes: Fight 5 wars each in Society, Industrial and Space stage
  • [Lanky Giraffe] (alternate) War, war never changes: Still be able to control a faction and fight a war with another faction after the world is destroyed by nuclear war.
  • [Crandonscientist]War Never Changes: Start 500 wars in a single game.
  • [TheXenomorphian]It really never changes: Have all your 20th century wars parallel the wars that happened in real life (i.e trench warfare then fascist nation tries conquering most of europe then cold war against a former ally then get into multiple wars against insurgent groups)Effects: Troop morale drops slightly
  • [PhotoSeaScorpion]War… War never changes: Wage War to 50 empires in the Space stage.
Return of QuantumCrab

People were pinging inactive accounts, until one day one of them did return, but not happy for been summoned
Pinging dead accounts - #16 by QuantumCrab

Other possible topics
Hhyyrylainen was featured on a github article.

Open source is democratizing video game development · GitHub

The theory team of thrive made an interview with genomics scientist Dr.Geneva.

Dr.Geneva Answers Our Questions - Theory - Thrive Development Forum


I took the wiki post, modified a few things, added others, and got to it here

Estuary: Disturbance, Oliveriver’s video, Spore, Underwater civs, hydrothermal vents

Tidepool: Hhyyrylainen Kikygames, Evolutions! BurgeonBlas, SpikeViper

Epipelagic: Shrek as player cell, lounge category, the old forum, Thrive Universe, banana biome bug, Thrive “Official” Comics

Mesopelagic: Rednascar, doomlighting is a mesoamerican god, floating forges, uplifting means underwater civs are possible, pre-multicellular prototype colony organisms, Thrive Paranormal Vault, Spore Easter Egg, Misterious Toxin Bubble Bug, Ja1cob

Abyss: stealthstyle is a mod, zenzone is kikygames, alternate tech tree doesn’t mean what you think it means, who created Thrive font? Original Music were stollen, viva la disco mode, Revolutionary cult, species with 100 k of population

Sea floor: Ascended users, deathwake is kikygames, Banana Cult, nuclear reactors to smelt underwater, strange sounds on the soundtrack, Instoppable cells in abyss, autoevo going too far



Void: March 9, 2023