Iceburg for thrive 2#

since last time failed lets try agian! we need plenty help with all the members of thrive community


I don’t see the image. Or did you tricked me?

thats wierd. we might try another iceburg

The image shows up just fine for me.


Now it works. I see it. :relieved:

how did you see it? Did you reload the page?
I do not see anything

|Skill issues
Same image but hopefully it works for other people

it still does not work

Works for me, probably something on your end if you can’t see the image

so id like to make this post a wiki everyone can edit
we’ll put suggested stuff to be added to the iceburg here
then we’ll categorize them

First tier ideas: Disturbance, Oliveriver’s video, spore, Underwater civs, hydrothermal vents
second tier ideas: hhyyrylainen Kikygames, Evolutions! BurgeonBlas, necroposting
third tier ideas: Shrek as player cell, lounge category, teaking is a mod, sciocont’s reign, the old forum, necroshitposting,
fourth tier ideas: rednascar, doomlighting is a mesoamerican god, floating forges, uplifting means underwater civs are possible, pre-multicellular prototype colony organisms, productive necroposting
Fifth tier ideas: stealthstyle is a mod, zenzone is kikygames, alternate tech tree doesn’t mean what you think it means,
Sixth tier ideas: ascended users, deathwake is kikygames, land civs, space civs, nuclear reactors to smelt underwater, kikygames, strange sounds on the soundtrack, TU,

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wait a second i dont know how to do that

I did it for you lol


How is zenzone and deathwkae both kikygames?

Zenzone is Deathwake??? could it be?

Nah I helped Deathwake nuke Zenzone they are very different people.

Also Deathwake can spell Hhyyrylainens name correctly.

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Thank you for defending zen- er, me, twilight.

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