Iceburg for thrive 2#

They do not exist. Stop speaking of them or you might anger them. Because they do not exist.

so typical… they all say the same thing. they are not to be disturbed from unexistence lest they want to be altered

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If we cannot erase the event completely, I think we can at least agree that you are behind one of the key reasons why March 9, 2023 never existed.

sorry ive been gone for a while, hows the good work going?

Not moving very fast, but i think its ok i guess.

We stull need to add (not void stuff) more to find

I wrote that in porpes


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What happened to August 1st?

you know lipovomit?

i think someone goofed up bad enough to make the devs of real life remove it entirely then

catgirl incident

More about me voicing my controversial/radical views that eventually got the thread deleted.

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i think i may have been reasonable for march 9th incident by the memory is so fuzzy i can barely remember, something about me starting beef with another forum member.

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Did anything even really happen on March 9th? I have some faint memories that from around that date, but I can’t tell if they’re real or not.

i’m pretty sure march 9th was thanos snapped from the minds of those who witnessed it or simply never happened and it was all a dream

since aug 1st does not exist
nothing happened aug 1st

Thanos snapped from all but me.
For the record, it is my fault.
Just wanted to remind you. I won’t say why, just trust me. Or if you want proof, look at my posts in the miscellaneous thread dated March 9th. It was only partly titus’s fault. Most of it was me exposing my screwed up head to you guys.

there is no march 9th in the misc thread

I found physical proof March 9th happened. I can see now why you all want to forget. I wish i could too…
As the perpetrator, and someone who seems to hold a grudge against those who cause controversies, i wont ever forget because i wont ever let myself.
I wouldnt dare expose any of us to the main event again. If you wanted to look for it, it’s still there.
I see why i was inactive for so long now.
I shouldnt burden you with the memory of what i did.
I’m sorry.
Maybe march 9th shouldnt exist, but if it didnt it would have happened on a different day.
Plus, the controversy was bubbling for months before it really happened.
It was a bad idea for me to join, all i do is sour everything.

thats ai generated cgi

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You cant say i’m wrong now.
Or maybe you still can, i dont know.

I disagree. Since you joined, you were an average, normal forum user, aside from m̵̗͍̥̞̏̐̋̾a̷̲̬̲̜͕̻͎͇̪̋̀̑̇̀͒͂͝͝ͅr̷̡̩̦͚͈̗̝̟̳̿͑̈́͘͜c̷̢̻̟̲̩͉̖͈̀̋͘͜͝ȟ̶̡̨͈̜̲̼̽͆͐̓̉͋̕ ̷̢̰̬̠͗͆̉̄̋͗͘͝ͅI̵̧̧̭̿͆͐̀Ẍ̷̡̡̮̹̘͈̒̓̈́̾̀͘
And even then, the main issue was that the forums should be kept ~pg13 whenever possible. I’m pretty sure by now most users who have witnessed ṱ̴̤̗͙̪̃h̴̨̛͕̩̮̞̟͇̺̹̔͊̽̑̓͒̕͝ē̴̢͈̜̤̟̂ ̶̮̼̙͎̹͙̯̜͌̆͑͌͘͜͝ĕ̵̡͙̮͍̪͐̈́́̂v̸̙̮̙̯̤̤̼̻̘̒̄͌̈́͝͠ȅ̵̲͌͑̀̅͊̍̕͝n̸̨̛̲̪̞͓̊͐̽͝͠t̶̹̑̆͗̀̕ already forgave you (and if they didn’t, it’s their problem).