Ideas for the Awakening Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

This thread is like all of its kind (“Ideas for the X Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]”). You can put your ideas for the Awakening Stage in this thread.
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I’m fine with these idea collecting threads. But I’d like the thread creators to put in at least the effort to include a suggestion in the first post.

Because the tribal stage is pushing the player to become more intelligent and communicative, it would be cool to create a language. I mean, it might not always be useful, if the game has a kind of Sims talk with English subtitles, but it would be way more realistic. This would make the player’s tribe have difficulty communicating with other tribal creature, since they don’t have the same language. Thus, integrating a linguistics system into the game would improve realism of the Awakening Stage.

Thanks, @hhyyrylainen! You helped me work my creativity! :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::wink::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

When gonna the awakening stage begin when you crate fire when you create small group. Thats the problem just like what was the first human.

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Yeah good question. I’d never really thought about it. I guess (totally making this up and it’s not fixed yet) maybe it would work like you add some section of brain such that it lets you open the tool editor and start making tools. However you wouldn’t need to be as advanced as a human to do that, a human would have a bunch of other advanced brain sections on top of that.

When the player goes into RTS mode, I feel like he or she should be able to control any character of their tribe. It would give an effect of “connected minds.” Maybe the player should play as the leader.

(yes I am a necromancer), what about creatures that don’t speak but use pheromones?

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It’s more or less the same; however the Awakening stage is the equivalent of the Tribal stage in Spore. It would be unlikely that a sapient species only relied on pheromones to communicate with advanced methods.

I don’t see why not using pheromones.

I do agree that communicating with them only isn’t the best idea, as it makes complicated commands very hard. But that certainly doesn’t mean that a primitive society can’t work with pheromones.

While advanced communication be quite hard [except if perhaps the species didn’t evolve to recognize millions of pheromones… Hm, well that’s a story for another day], but it isn’t necessarily required for the creation of a society. For example, look at the ant colonies. They give us a good idea what a simple species could achieve with a simple means of communication.

Let’s imagine a more advanced species with a more developed brain. That species could organise itself in groups and start crafting tools, just like us in our early days. Maybe the species can even create something like a religion [or is that too wild?]

But unfortunately I think you can go only so far with pheromones. Passing information to your offsprings will become harder and harder [and things like mathematics would be hard, if not impossible to grasp] and eventually you’ll get stuck.

Long Story Short - Using Pheromones isn’t a bad idea in the start, but eventually you’ll need something more developed [or really max out your pheromone communication lol].


How would you construct a grammar of pheromones, though? It seems to me it would be hard to express them one after another the way we can with sound or light. I suppose in theory you can still encode a lot of information in a combination of “words” rather than a permutation, but I don’t know how such a system would work.

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I just asked to see if my ant empire idea could work, I found it it could but it’ll be very hard.

Record Keeping (Requires Language except if painting): Speech-to-speech education, Writing, Painting

Basic Objects for Interaction: Rocks, Body Parts (e.g. bones), Hardened inanimate Organism (e.g. wood), Energy Source (e.g. fire)

Language: Lexicon, Means of Communication (e.g. speech, writing), Code (e.g. sounds, letters, icons), Grammar
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