Ideas for the Space Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

It’s the same as this thread (Ideas for the Multicellular Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]), but for the Space Stage.

Anyway, I wanted to share my first idea for this thread. As my first act as king, I say that it would be cool if you would have a kind of first person camera view for the Space Stage. I mean, you remember Spore’s space stage, right? There was a tool that, once unlocked, allowed you to project an hologram of yourself to walk on a planet’s surface. What I’m trying to say is that it would be cool for every strategy stage to allow the player to project an image of their own character. It would be a mix of a RPG/FPS game with a strategy game. Meaning you can have a global vision of your empire, while you can also visit your homeplanet or even your spacecraft’s inside from the viewpoint of your character, which the design depends on your species (i.e. your character is a member of your species).

One technical challenge around this is that it’s a huge amount of work to 3D model space ship interiors. For example going from this

to this

Is a massive, massive, amount of work. So if there’s people who are very enthusiastic about sci-fi interiors modelling then that’s great, however it will cost a lot of time to add interiors to everything.

Moreover there’s the question around what you could do in 1st person. If it’s just walking around a dead ship that’s one thing but if you can be onboard during a battle that means NPC’s ai, weapon and damage effects, sounds etc. That’s like making a whole extra game.

There’s quite a lot of people on the team who strongly imagine the later stages in 1st person 3D and I can totally understand the appeal of it. My main question is around how much work is it worth spending on it.


If I had to be honest, I don’t really envision the space stage ever being a single creature walking around the interior of a ship. Maybe at most it could be an interior view of the cockpit as the player pilots a ship, but I think the space stage should remain as a strategy-type game. The ascension stage could feature the player taking control of a individual organism maybe.


About fpp. I like this idea! And how I know, we will play for commander, that will be in start system or in space. And I think, we will see some like holograms (like holograms in “game of ender” ,or “star wars”, or NMS (when you talk with Andromed or Appolo). And my last idea about space federation with its laws and robbers.

And more. In theme about psychology of species, @Mitobox says that

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An idea regarding being a commander. Maybe there should be some ranks to it, so the higher rank you are; you can ask for larger backup or more powerful ship materials etc.

This could be also in the Society+. Adding and removing military rank that could affect how your units work etc.