Ideas for the Space Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

I don’t see why speculation about wormholes would be allowed, but no other theoretical faster means of information / matter transfer.


What if habitable exoplanets were based off of other players’ saves?
And by extension, what if you could directly interact with other online players?
Like one big connected universe.
Or is that already an idea someone said?

similar ideas go back ages, longer than I do. Thrive being an MMO has certainly also been shot down but the idea of other planets based on your saves or those of other players sounds cool. I think like the sporepedia and stuff, you could encounter other players species and vehicles. In thrive it might make more sense for whole clades (i.e vertebrata, arthropoda, big ones bc we can’t assume there’s something for every specific clade to evolve from but stuff like motile thing that’s more animal than plant and has a mouth is a reasonable assumption.) could also save on loading times, running all stages of autoevo when a planet is discovered is a very slow sounding idea


Entire planets would need to be loaded from other games because you can’t know if different clades would be compatible with each other or they would start to going extinct once their ecology is simulated.

And there is also the issue of time. Lets say that you played a game and entered space stage, the galaxy is seeded with different planets. You explore the galaxy and see those planets. You then open a new game and play again, but this time you enter space stage earlier. (Obviously, your two species can never interact if we assume that space stage lasts a few thousand years until ascension and not 100 million years, though visiting that other save file in an alternate timeline would be interesting.) What if you explore the universe and see the previously seeded planets? They should be at an earlier stage of their evolution. How are you gonna do that? The clades not only need to be compatible for a single time, they also need to be compatible throughout their whole evolutionary history. So you can’t take carnivores from one planet and herbivores from another if the ancestors of the herbivores are also carnivores. Whats the point of it anyway? Mishmashing wouldn’t make the planets look better or anything.


So, First of all, sorry for my bad english. I’m still learning and I’m very excited about this game, is like a dream about spore being realistic with more options to create your universe

My idea is what about a space stage with all potential from the book All Tomorrows.
-our species with very high power as godlike

  • intergalactics wars
  • millions of planets
  • alliances and subspecies like happened in the book

PD: my favorite stage is the animal stage, theres any news about that?

Thanks for read!!!

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If you mean the aware stage, you’ll have to wait some years before it enters proper development.


the natural evolution of intelligence in thrive stops after reaching ± human level, but what if, thanks to technology, we can make ourselves stronger, more resilient, faster, and most importantly, smarter… I suggest adding 4 types of elevation: 1. cybernetic: you improve your appearance with the help of cyber implants 2. biological: you improve your species with the help 3. Artificial Super Intelligence: your species creates an ASI to calculate and govern the state, after which you begin to play as the ASI 4. a mixture of the above options each ascension would have its own unique mechanics, and also significantly enhances the intellectual abilities of your species (which 1. significantly increases the growth of science 2. opens access to technologies available only to superintelligent beings (including the gates of ascension))

I think the idea is you play your species from start to meta soo

There’s also an existing thread discussing cyborgs:

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