Ideas for Thrive

I made dees topic for ideas that could be an awesome implement for the devs to put in

So I thought for some time what thrive could put in in the future. I thought that in the microbe stage we could se the cells of diseases example a cancer cell in the tidepool if a creature had cancer and his body falls in the tidepool that you could encounter cancer cells that are simular to the poisons you can find

You are going to be the first organism on the planet, so there is no chance of an animal with cancer falling into a tidepool. Also, cancer is not similar to a poison/venom in any way. Poisons and venoms are alkaloids that react with the response centers and do nasty things, but cancer is just uncontrolled growth of cells in big organisms, where the cells are growing aggressively, with no way to stop them and since you yourself play as a cell as well, this wouldn’t make much sense.
Edit: Also, usually we separate ideas into their own topics to keep things organized.

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Fare enough, though when/if other stages come out and and maybe we can encounter those more evolved creature’s bodies

But how would it be beneficial for the gameplay to have cancer cells in the water during the microbe stage? Or when should this occur?

Well, maybe it could be beneficial for like thrives creature stage or there civ stage. But it would be cool to like encounter these cells but they are like non intractable in microbe stage

I find the idea of finding multicellular life in the microbe stage interesting. It could happen after a unknown period of cycles as the AI could auto evo faster than you or you screwed around making a super cell wasting millions of years of evolution on something complex. This could also help for decomposed gameplay and multicellular organisms would provide a huge amount of compounds.

I thought that auto-evo that can be a bit faster than you (to some extend) is already planned for the game. I understood this as a full-grown animal, which wouldn’t really work.

It does not necessarily have to be like a full grown animal, maybe one in awakening stage or are or whatever it was, maybe a baby version of that animal

My opinion is still that if the player is not (one of) the first species to become multicellular the time-scales basically mean that the 100 million years that a single editor cycle in the microbe stage means that the other species becomes industrial and ruins the environment / leaves the planet already. So it wouldn’t make sense to play as a cell inside the body of a large multicellular animal.

No one mentioned living in another organism

I mean, it would be cool if you could do this if you ended up staying single or multicellular. Say you could become like the flatworm and wreck havoc on whatever unlucky soul eats you.

Hey! I was wondering about the exchange between the cell and the environment. Thrive is lacking an important feature : the quality of the exchange. All cells have a volume and an area. The quality of the exchange depends on the area/volume ratio. The greater is the ratio (or the greater is the area when compared to the volume), the better exchange the cell gets because the cell’s area is greater, thus more moles of substances can pass through the cell’s membrane. It would be cool and realistic to have a feature about that notion in the game, in the editor. Although, the game wouldn’t be 2D anymore, for the game would become 3D.

Isn’t that kind of a thing already though? If your cell has more surface area in its membrane it can absorb compounds more quickly. If it has more volume it needs more compounds to stay alive. It’s just that since the game is 2D, the “surface area” is actually a line, and the “volume” is actually a flat surface.

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Well, it wouldn’t hurt for the microbe stage to get a little 3d, but it could be cool if we are able to choose 2d or 3d

3D will be ‘unlocked’ once the player reaches the multicellular stage

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A little clarification. In the very early multicellular when you start adding a few cells to your species at a time you will still be playing on a 2D plane.


Laser beams for thrive space stage

heres an idea on how species evolve over patches, I dont know if this is what you guys have planed or not but what if say species A originated in patch A and there is a chance it will migrate to a random patch next to it like maybe 1/100 every 10-20 min or something. Each patch will have its own auto-evo system so when Species A migrates to patch B it is still part of the same species but is now part of auto-evo for patch B and then can go on its way ether staying the same or evolving with out changing the ones in patch A.
if this doesn’t make sense I can make a diagram

also with membranes there are 3 main types right? the normal, cellwall, and the sloppy soft one (dont know what its called) How I think they should work is the cellwall has more heath/ resistance but heals slowly (and cant engulf) while the sloppy one is the opposite.

Wait, so does that mean you are intending on added multicellular organisms to the microbe stage? Also when would the environment go 3D, dozens of cells, hundreds of cells, etc.?