Ideas for Thrive

At the earliest they would appear once the player is almost ready to go multicellular. But I think we might decide (like making the player only species at the start of the game) that the player has to be the first multicellular species (from which others will then split from).

I think the environment should go 3D once individual cells are no longer displayed. That would be at the few hundred mark (probably).


But what about disease cells, can we encounter them in the microbe stage

You can encounter bacteria (I don’t know if bacterial infections will be a thing), they have said they aren’t adding viruses because they wouldn’t be fun, however I assume parasites will be a thing (multicellular stage maybe?)

How about instead off adding viruses, how about making virus immunity a passive thing? Say you have organelles and stuff to fend off viruses, then you have more retries upon dying, based on your “virus defense rating?”

That doesn’t make sense if the most common ways for the player to died is getting engulfed, shot with toxins, or running out ATP.

If such an upgrade were added to the game it should be named something else.

Will we be able to see microscopic organisms in multicellular stage

Example microscopic worms or something simular

I assume you will still be able to see microbes during early multicellular, however, you will probably not be able to see them when your organism gets hundreds of cells big.

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hold on i went to my grandparents house on the weekend THE FUCK ANSWERED WITH A :poop: on my laser beam idea lasers are cool and i said thrive SPACE STAGE it fits

Maybe because you made no effort to flesh out the idea, so it felt more like you were memeing us


I think mitochondria should first be free living bacteria and have a slight chance of being unlocked from eating them as thats how it happened irl (im sure this was already planned but thought id throw my pennies at you anyways)


If this idea isnt planned, it better darn be. along with chloroplasts

It goes without saying that this should be included at some point.

i just checked the wiki, it seems that this is indeed planned.

So, I was thinking. It was a bit painful but I might get used to it. And I came up with a way to make the nucleus even more beneficial without really buffing it. Well. The nucleus is made out of DNA, which are basically strands of information, so by giving the organism a nucleus, it is able to store even more “construction blueprints”. This might result in several scenarios.

Higher organelle cap

It only makes sense for organisms to get bigger as soon as they can store more information. So we might want to implement a “hex cap” so that you can’t have a prokaryote of the size of ten eukaryotes. This shall be balanced so that prokaryotes are not nerfed in any way and are able to look like what the auto-evo-generated ones look like, but a player-created gargantuous abomination of a prokaryote is not possible. I would say the number of hexes would be around 20-30 and this would motivate the player to go for the nucleus sooner or later.


In the current game we have an unpleasant feature, where NPC prokaryotes are able to have toxins, but the player cannot. Solution to this might be giving the current toxin available to the player and making a new eukaryotic alternative, that can be upgraded, specialized and improved upon, so that you don’t have to need different organelles for different toxins, you just “customize” the default one. Or perhaps, as an eukaryote you could even improve the toxin vauole you have from your prokaryotic era, dunno. This might be of course applied to other organelles as well.


By having a nucleus, you would be able to later unlock meiosis, which would be perhaps harder to achieve, as you need a partner for meiosis, but would give you a lot more MP, as it borrows genetic information from both parents.

There is a lot more benefits to it, but these would be in my opinion enjoyable game mechanics. If any of my biological facts are off, let me know, I am not a biologist. :slight_smile:


here are some random things I want to talk about.
First up is Patches,
Population: It would be beneficial if each patch your species is in has its own population so if you go to a new patch and die too many times then you become extinct in that patch and must choose a different one that your species is still in. there would be 2 population indicators one has your total pop and the other is the pop in your current patch (It would look like this 120/30).
Migration: To add on to my last idea the amount of starting population you get when entering a new patch should be determined by how hard it is for your species to get to. So if you have more movement organelles then youll have a larger starting pop as its easier for them to get there (what adds more pop should depend on the patch type).

Next is the water environment: I think you guys should look at how spore did theirs it has prettymuch everything you guys are thinking about adding . Take special notes on how the bubbles are on a top layer above the player, how there are objects below the player (it could be other cells or objects), how they have objects that the player has to avoid (maybe add large particles or substrate in the water like that one concept art with the hydrozoa like animal attached to it and I know there is iron now but we need more), and the water currents theres more but those are the main points although I dont like the ripples behind the cells in spore it makes it seem like they are above the water.

heres my idea for the patch map, its a 2d top down map and when you click/hover over a node more nodes pop up where you choose the depth.


We have been wanting to improve the water feel for awhile now.

Also, i like the idea of migration base don locomotion ability and extinction per patch.

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Funnily enough the nodes for depth showing up when you mouse over was one of the ideas we discussed on the dev forum thread about it! And some cool concepts were made.

You should be able to see RNA strands in the prokaryotic stage.

I don’t think we should. If we did, it would be very long and only about less than a pixel thick. We shouldn’t even be able to see nitrogenese. If the nucleus is seven hexes, the nucleuolisisl would be less, and if it had 10 chromosomes, a chromosome would be less than a hex, and that means DNA would already be absolutely tiny, and RNA is even smaller.

your right, I was thinking of how in pictures of bacteria you always see the chromosomes but they are much smaller then the player