Ideas for Thrive

So I didn’t really know where to put this, so I just put it here for now. I was bored yesterday, so I decided to draw out outlines for a scene that could be used once your creature enters the Aware Stage. This is not even needed at the moment, but I still made it for fun.

Edit: Forgot to say, those red circles would be creatures that belong to a more advanced species.

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Nice concept, however, there will probably be no cutscenes between stages, just the initial one when you start a new game.

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While that may be true, it would still be cool to have sort of transitions instead of a loading screen, but yes, you are probably right. :slight_smile:

The devs are planning on making the transitions between every stage as subtle and smooth as possible. Also, there has been a debate about you being always the first one to go into the next stage, due to time scales constantly changing (for example during only one of your microbial evolution an entire civilization would have enough time to rise and then fall again).


I didn’t even think of that, thanks for the information, I was gonna remake the scene later, so this helps. :slight_smile:

I will probably redirect you to @QuantumCrab, as he’s the “cutscene guy”, so you can consult him about do’s and dont’s. :slight_smile: Good luck Blendering!

Thanks man :smiley:

(20 characters ouch)

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Thrive could actually have dynamic difficulty system. Basically, if the player is absolutely apex and is more or less bored, the other species might experience higher evolution rates, but when the player struggles to survive, the evolution of other species slows down a bit. Might be doable even with environmental changes - if the player is doing too well, the conditions are changing more rapidly and if the player struggles, the conditions help them out a bit. What do you say?


oof, I dont like that this thread was lost like this for so long.
anyways I have some suggestions for the UI.

first I think your ATP level should be shown in a way that you can watch it from the corner of your eye instead of glancing over and searching for it. this has killed me a couple of times, either I run out of ATP and dont realize it like if I can only move in short bursts and I end up hurting myself or I have to take my eyes off of what im doing to look at it and i get eaten or I run into a colony of toxic slinging bacteria.

Secondly id like a progress bar that tells me what I need in order to evolve and how much. it can get annoying not knowing how much components you need to evolve and makes it feel like im aimlessly swimming around, it also makes me feel anxious for some reason.

thirdly in the editor id like it if the organelle tool tip told me how much atp ill get for my environment or at least a key like “at 20% O2 you get 35 atp” or something instead of just saying it varies.

that is all thank you.


that would actualy make kind of sense.
if something is working then it doesnt need to change, so say a species is doing real good compared to the player then they wouldn’t need to change since they have the optimal strategy/build for those conditons. However, if they do bad then they evolve more often because they need to try different things to get toward the top