I'm Starting a Speculative Biology Project!

It’s gonna be taking place on a planet with ammonia oceans orbiting a stable red dwarf, I’m gonna be doing the whole evolutionary tree (not everything, I won’t be doing the evolution of bacteria when theres much more interesting multicellular life), but what should I use? I was thinking of using google sheets, but is there something better?


Smartsheet maybe? idk, I don’t have work

world anvil or campfire

why a google sheet? Why not just a google doc? Maybe even both

Also, please make this project be a long-lived one. Most of these always end at like the aware or multicellular stage, and often with little lore and biology. I am willing to participate actively in this project to keep it alive, but you must do the same.

Are they even looking for fellow participants? I thought they were just asking for recommendations about what to use for the project

I’d recommend a combination of sheets, slides/docs, and more worldbuilding focused implements, as well as an art medium of your choice. If you plan to make this project public, I’d recommend using Google Sites, cause that would allow for easy navigations and organization

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There is no wrong way to organize information when it comes to how you want to represent
All the ideas here are good but the real question is how comfortable are you (the OP) working with him?
I recommend that you try what has been suggested here and come to your own decision as to what is best for you.
I personally use One drive to sort my important information (it’s convenient for me because I don’t need to mess with things) from personal experience regarding the organization and preservation of information.


Im using a Google sheet for the evolutionary tree because of how wide it is, so I can fit many species. I may use a Google doc or Google slides for some the stuff, like the planet characteristics or the civilization(s), and I promise you, I won’t give up on this project, I probably will take long breaks, though, because I don’t wanna burn myself out.

And on other people joining, I hadn’t really thought about it, but I’ll consider it, I’m gonna be doing art for every species, so having another person help with the art would help a lot.

  • Others should join.
  • I should work on it on my own.

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The votes will not fully determine what I decide, but if an overwelming amount of people want to join, I will probably let them.

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I don’t think we have the right to interfere with your work if you wish us not to. So I think this poll can bother you a bit if you feel right that we can damage the purity of your work.
This is your personal decision on this issue but I know there are some projects from both directions that worked great in one way or another but in the end, you are the one who decides.


Besides, even if he/she do not let us join, we can make our own version of their project, although we may need permission to make it public.


I’d be perfectly fine with a community adapted version, but thats only if I don’t let the community help in the first place.

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have you decided now?

I think I’ll work on the project a little bit more, and then I’ll probably let people help.

EDIT: I worked on it a little bit more, I’ll DM the link to anyone who wants to help (I’m not gonna post the link here because then any rando could edit it).


Link please then so I can help

i would like to help whenever my motivation isn’t burnt to a crisp by school

when will we start adding multicellular

It doesn’t matter, I might even start adding multicellular creatures now.

I can help on friday or during spring break when my mind and mood are unaffected by school

Just curious, are you using hypothetical biochemistry (ammonia based) or do the oceans just happen to be made of ammonia and life is still water-based?

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It’s ammonia based life, which brings some interesting challenges, such as the lack of oxygen, and if you replace O2 with chlorine, it forms a toxin when mixed with ammonia, along with sometimes exploding.


oooh, that gave me an idea!