Image telaphone evolution

a wombo combo, draw a creature and describe its habitat biology and diet, then let someone else evolve it!

  1. dont go to crazy
  2. make sure this isn’t to unscientific.
  3. respect others additions and support their ideas, dont be a Meany!

thats only image telephone with descriptions

yea pretty much, its fun

yea wheres the one sentence story telling?

these little guys are herbivores that tend to form small groups to eat great aglea,they have the counter shaded skin so they can blend into the water from above and below.

well if they have that counter shaded skin, there must be pressure to adapt that, so there must be some form of predator, right?

Was there supposed to be?

yea the thread was called image telephone + one sentence story telling

That sounds… complicated…

lets make one, maybe it should be less image telephone (we can still have some tho) and more just creating a ecosystem

not super complicated, just make a little creacher evolve :3

I got an idea of how this can actually be pulled off (one-sentence story-building + image telephone). Just prepare for it quickly going unhinged. We just need a set of rules…

I’ll come back in about two hours.

i added rulez now :3

I wanted to make my own set of rules, partially adapted from One-sentence story building, as I think that an unhinged image telephone would be interesting, but it’s your thread and [I don’t know how to continue this sentence in a way that doesn’t sound rude but you get the idea].

Could I make my own thread with the addition of craziness?

sure go ahead! i just wanted to make a forum game that is about evolution through drawings

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:sparkles: just a random post so people dont forget about this thread :sparkles: but seriously please someone make a new addition to the image telephone so its still fun