Image telephone (now kinda a evo game)

its telephone but with images

Summary of image telephone

basically, you have to draw what the previous person drew.


btw you can go more than once

rules: 1. no ctrl c, ctrl v screenshot
i’ll start:

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wdym no screenshots?

Basically you have to actually try to draw the given “art” on your own. Screenshoting, copypasting, or the like are cheating.

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The circles are bubbles. And he’s developing fins.

This guy’s gonna evolve so freaking far

wouldnt it be best if you only share an image?

I just wanted some clarification so that they aren’t instantly in space.
Moving on

well this is supposed to be telephone, where ideas get twisted from one thing to another

(2 things sticking out meant to be arms)

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filter feeder? hmmm

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i was drawing! and now i have to remake it :sob:


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Red spots are caviar


What program did you use

Ibis Paint X and my right thumb
I have more than 5 years experience in finger work