In launcher press play = Crash

Hey so when i press play in the launcher it sends me this

idk how to fix it pls help and thats it what it sends.

Does the report crash button appear?

It does but i cannot send the report

Error code 400

Check my other reply,

Then I’m going to guess with high certainty that you have this issue:

True i have intel graphics, but is there a way to fix this tho?
Because i like games like spore (first stage)

Not unless a dev with intel graphics joins who then fixes it, since the current devs don’t have it, making it… difficult to test.

Okay so i got the pastebin.

Idk what to do with it so i will just paste it in here.

That’s an interesting crash. Usually the intel crashes happen within the intel driver.
But this seems to happen inside bs::ct::D3D11TextureView::createDSV making this potentially easier to fix.

Could you also put your ThriveLog.txt on pastebin? That might have a really useful error message.

We do have at least one dev with intel graphics where this crashes. But the most common intel crash happens inside the intel graphics driver code, meaning that intel doesn’t know how to code good drivers. It is extremely difficult to fix this. Once again see this thread for details:

Hello and sorry that i didn’t reply for a while i just was busy here’s the pastebin and it won’t really matter if it is hard to fix but the main goal is that it is fixed at least for me.

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