Incipit de Novo | My first forum game

I mean real life trees do have some types of specialized roots to store up lots of energy so assumably somewhere like that

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What I meant was that it uses the extra energy that the unburned trees are producing, not what is stored, but it could store excess energy in many ways, such as never programming laborers and using them for the sole purpose of storing energy within them (which wouldn’t be very efficient), or depositing sugars under its roots and collecting them when needed.

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We didn’t even start yet and there is nearly 200 replies…

Yeah, forum games garner replies quickly lol.

If you want less posts in the main thread, you could make a PM with everyone in it from the game so that people could discuss the game there.

Abominable, you’re gonna let me keep my main advantage right?

@Abominable How close are you to finishing the first round?

I think they’re still deciding on game mechanics Centarian, as they said they didn’t come into this with much of a plan.

Which is of course perfectly fine, but it means the game might not start for a little.

Now I don’t know this for a fact ofc but that’s my guess

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Yes, except extremely slow expansion.


Well, its been a week, any progress abominable?


i forgor i made a game :skull:


if u need any help, u can ask everyone here :smiley:
forum game its not ez business and something we forget of something happen, we can wait :smiley:

Yeah I lost all motivation