Incipit de Novo | My first forum game

Visirax's likes/hates


Letting emotions even remotely control reasoning
Darkness (its photosynthetic, duhh)
Unnecessary lies


Ok, so I have an idea of how to proceed with the game.
The player tribe will be able to migrate around until they finally settle. Then they will be able to expand, and when they overexpand, new tribes will break off from the main one until hopefully the modern age, where they can keep the empire from breaking apart. Expansions WILL be mandatory, to not prevent people from just not expanding.


I don’t think I’ll be migrating or breaking into seperate hiveminds though, but that sounds good.

Just a thought; this system does seem interesting, however I think it might be more fun gameplay wise if instead of expanding being mandatory, there was some (perhaps vital)advantage to expanding. This system would allow players to stay stationary if they want, yes, but it would also encourage the expansion without making players feel forced to do it.

Just my two cents you can completely ignore this if you want ofc

When you will overexpand, a separate hivemind will form. You can’t stop it, otherwise it is too op.

Yeah alright maybe like resources that are vital to advancing through ages.

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How would it be OP? The entire point of my species is to be a single hivemind, and if a new one formed, it could simply expand its roots to connect to the new hivemind. There is no logical reason why it would break apart into multiple. I don’t see any reason it would be OP, it just has great memory and doesn’t have same-species fights.

It is OP because while everyone else has to suffer from tribes breaking off, you can just expand forever without even worrying about things like that.

Not sure I see how that is OP, as it is one of his advantages that went uncontested before - if you do want to balance it, however, you could just say he expands much slower because his race is a bunch of trees, and those take a while to grow


It definitely is an op trait.

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I’m not sure what the point of the breaking off system even is if I’m perfectly honest - I understand it is to limit expansion, but expansion is highly encouraged, and yet you are also punished for expanding, which seems counterintuitive


And what is your idea?

Yeah, there isn’t any reason I’d split, so I made that my main advantage. It doesn’t seem right to remove it.

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lets hope theres no forest fires…

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Yeah, the root structure contains the brains though, so it would mostly be loss in energy gain.


…and energy fuels the brains

@Abominable (pinging to make sure you see what with all the other replies) I don’t see a reason to punish expansion, but potentially you could limit it. Perhaps if you choose to do a rounds system you could limit the amount someone can expand per round? Or just there is a general expansion limit. This limit could then be increased for certain civilizations if the invent roads, boats, carts, etc

As to noname, either way I propose he doesn’t split due to the hivemind but expands much slower to balance that if you want

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Yeah, but the trees produce more energy than they need, so if part of the forest burned, it could save a lot of the brains by using the excess energy.

just wondering:
where do they store this excess energy?