Is RuBisCO going to be added as an enzyme/organelle

for those who don’t know what RuBisCO is it is the enzyme that converts the energy from thylakoids into ribulose and sucrose which contains glucose

What would be the benefit for the game? Making things unnecessarily complex makes the game unplayable for the vast majority of players.

you could make something that uses atp from rusticyanin to make glucose which would then be sent to the rest of the organism or so you could design a prokaryotic organism to be a ferroplast(a symbiotic prokaryote that uses rusticyanin in combination with RuBisCO) and become an organelle and if endosymbiosis is implemented in a way that would allow this control a member of the previously ai species

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Why would there be rusticyanin without rubisco? Are you suggesting adding glucose, a way to survive without a constant source of atp?

RuBisCO uses atp and some other compounds to make sucrose (glucose and fructose) and ribulose so for game purposes making glucose at the cost of atp which may seem counter productive but in multicellular atp cannot transfer between cells you could then have mitochondria turn the glucose into atp in other cells or you could store the glucose for when you cant find iron
Edit: rusticyanin is a protein that uses iron to make atp and does not have RuBisCO in it

You don’t have to explain what sucrose or other things mean. What I ment to ask is would you (as a player) prefer to add rubisco after adding rusticyanin, or is it just implied (as in “chemosynthesing proteins”) ?

Edit: implied means you still do it but it is more convenient.

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yes to make glucose and store it for when i can’t find iron as glucose is more energy dense so i can store more energy in less space or so i can make a species that makes glucose from iron then split from it get bigger, get a nucleus, and turn it into an organelle for better efficiency and get rid of my cell’s RuBisCO and rusticyanin and get metabolomes or mitochondria

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Well, right now we have rusticyanin without rubisco in the game, just makes ATP.

If we were to add a process that converts ATP to glucose, we really need to implement the feature for turning processes on and off in a cell and also will need tutorials for it as you can otherwise screw yourself over with the part too easily.

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could the speed be able to be modified so you could have it be from 6atp–> 1.0glucose @2%CO2/sec to 24atp–> 5glucose @2%CO2/sec with the efficiency scaling positively with both CO2 and adjacent atp producing organelles and give a bonus to oxygen respiring organelles and increase oxygen in the patch of the organism if that is easier to program
some balancing will likely be needed though
@Rathalos you cant store ATP as easily or efficiently

Yes, I am aware, was replying to someone else. Added a quote in the comment to make that more clear.


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if you want to instead of writing oh ok and then something very relatible and funny, a simple :+1: will do the trick :: )

one thing that would benefit from RuBisCO being added is a plant in the hydrothermal vents due to the fact that thermoplasts do not currently produce any compound or element for respiration

So this just got absolutely destroyed by a theorist:

And this is exactly why we need theorists on the team, and why we can’t just add anything suggested by random people.

So, the name might not be entirely appropriate, but it seems fine to create the organelle.

rsaavedra: “One important enzyme, that in my opinion has a pretty player friendly name is Glucose 6-phosphatase it converts Glucose-6P into simple Glucose (which is the last step of Gluconeogenesis).”

How about calling it “Gluco-Phosphase”? Or how about “Gluconeogenesis enzymes”? or “Glucose storage enzymes”?

it doesn’t store glucose, it turns ATP into glucose.

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Ha, you’re right. :+1: I’m not sure why I typed that. :melting_face: