Is there a timeline in where all land vertebrates actually had 6 limbs instead

So about this little headache inducer I soon wondered “If they used the dinosaur tag on all of their dragon drawings does this mean there is a timeline in where all land vertebrates had 6 limbs instead of 4, and that this person is from that timeline”, is it weird? Yes, is it paradoxical? Strangely yes look at the Paradox Pokémon from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, they are well time paradoxes, so perhaps we are experiencing ourselves with 6 limbed human analogues that look, walk, and talk like us but with an added pair of limbs. I mean who even considers a dragon as a dinosaur? I mean we did way back in the day but that was on eastern dragons not the western ones, wyverns I could see being dinosaurs. But perhaps there’s more like them kinda like how there’s more Great Tusks in Area 0, or they are just a generic human being who knows little about dinosaurs.

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it seems plausible that there could be a timeline where most land vertebrates have six limbs, especially if most had those limbs as a set of arms (behind or below the main one for primates) or wings for gliding making them more able to survive falling from a high place without a parachute unless their growth was stunted