Let's talk about timeline paradoxes

So, timeline paradoxes what are they? Well, they’re abnormalities in a timeline kind of like how time paradoxes are abnormalities in time, and since it’s basically the end of Pride Month of 2023, why not talk about them, well remember this post? Well, there could be more of these 6 limbed land vertebrates out there from some sort portal thingy that sucks them in and spits them back out into our timeline kind of like Area 0 from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, though yeah this has been sorta debunked now, but yeah who knows there could be a time paradox out there. But what if The Land Before Time is a time paradox because why are all of the prehistoric animals living in the same time, well time paradoxes because in a Pokémon Scarlet entry Scream Tail is said to be a Jigglypuff from 1 Billion Years Ago, or that Sandy Shocks is a Magneton that has lived 10,000 years. So perhaps it is a time paradox, and this all comes back to my timeline paradox thing so also there is this fish thing in one of TLBT films that apparently has 6 eyes and not the typical 2, so perhaps it came from another timeline, but got sucked in to this one, kind of like the Paradoxes in Pokémon, of which may or may not be alternate forms in the near future despite them having their own numbers on the Pokedex.