Is there life on europa and enceladus

both planets are heated by tidal forces from jupiter and saturn to the point where they both have salt oceans under their thick ice sheets and this has been proven because they both have gysers. also i don’t know if this thread should be in not thrive or science.

I moved this to #science as I think this is a question that can be speculated about using published scientific research.

I think in the microbe stage, before too long, we’ll be able to have frozen worlds where you can live in the vents. I doubt they’ll be too interesting as you can can’t make a civilisation without land.

One really hard variant of the game might be a planet with is sometimes a snowball, so you have to try and evolve as far as you can in the sea and then wait for a warm period and rush out and try to get to space before the whole thing freezes over again :slight_smile:


This is a question that isn’t science but it’s related to what you said so…? Anyway my question is that are different planetary conditions confirmed then? Also will we be able to choose or will they be random?

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Short answer not sure exactly how it will shake out.

Longer answer: yeah I think changing climate conditions will be one of the main drivers for change on the planet which you will have to evolve to adapt to. Like your planet might be getting colder so you need more fur, or the tidepool you live in is freezing over so you have to start dodging ice crystals. The idea is to pressure the player to make changes.

As for how it’s chosen not sure, I think it’s great to go into the world knowing nothing and then discover what it is like as you play. However for people who have played a lot having some settings at the beginning where they can choose what they want is probably good too.

Building on this, maybe we can even creature custom scenarios and share the seeds on the forum. Sort of like fun community levels, like evolving as fast as possible before an unpreventable cataclysm ends your game, or other fun challenges.


Yes, sharing seeds sounds like a great idea. If someone has a cool map in Rimworld, he can share the seed for it so other people can play on that map too.

you guys know that i’m talking about the actual planets right?

Well, the question seems like an invitation to speculate about how it could be done in game.
The question itself is just a yes/no question, there’s not much room for discussion.

well we could speculate about the type of lifeforms that might arise and maybe multicellular animals evolving with a different gas than oxygen

There has been speculation around unicellular organisms being able to undergo metabolic processes by absorbing Hydrogen and expelling Methane as a waste product. It makes life on other moons like Titan much more plausible.

@sirquark This isn’t related but I really like your profile picture

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Thank you, it’s a Korvax from No Man’s Sky.

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Well, here’s some topical news: Apparently, they found water vapour on super-earth K2-18b. They’re trying to build stronger telescopes to observe possible liquid water, and perhaps, life! How exciting, right?