Is Thrive 0.4.2 workable on an i5 integrated Intel graphics card?

Ttitle says it all. i was able to run Thrive on my Windows 10 PC with an Intel integrated graphics card. However, the 0.4.2 crashes every time I try to start it up.

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I don’t really know if it’s supposed to work. I guess it depends upon which integrated intel gpu you are using. However, there is a thread I found speaking about these Intel GPUs. I hope this helps.

By the way, welcome @ThriveFan42!

I have an Intel Core i5 820u. Is that newer than an Intel 4000?

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The old information about which intel graphics work, don’t apply to 0.4.2, because we changed graphics engines.

So far it seems that you need super new intel hd graphics if you want the game to start. Even when it starts you probably get really bad FPS.

You can read here about all the things related to the intel startup problems:

If you have a laptop with hybrid graphics you should configure thrive to start with the Nvidia GPU.
Other than that we might soon have a test build to see if we can configure the graphics engine to work with intel. If that doesn’t work then we’ll need a bunch of help from the graphics engine developers to make the game work on intel.

Hey! That worked! I can play it now! That was so easy. All I had to do was right-click on Thrive.exe and select Nvidia instead of Intel. It works fine now and doesn’t seem very laggy.

Edit: Nevermind, the game runs fine until I reproduce and try to leave the cell editor for the first time, then it crashes.

Edit #2: I tried it again, and that time the game did not crash. There is, however, lag of about 1-2 seconds now. Sometimes it crashes and sometimes it doesn’t, and the crash always occurs when I leave the cell editor.

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There is at least a one crash that happens during gameplay inside bsf. It seems to happen most often when loading a bunch of new stuff, for example when entering or exiting the editor, but it can happen while just swimming around.

I asked the bsf dev about the crash, and linked the 3 reports so far I got about it ( and it unfortunately seems memory corruption issue that happens somewhere else than where the crash is triggered, so it will be hard to fix.

There is no 820u. Do you mean 8250u? If you do, yes, it is more recent than 4000 series. Then, you should ask @hhyyrylainen in the Quick Question thread about it.

There are two different version numbers: the intel CPU model numbers and the models of the integrated graphics. The two numbers are not related at all.
Here’s a huge list of intel CPUs and the graphics units they have:

As you can see the release year does kind of tell what kind of integrated graphics a CPU has, but it’s not entirely reliable. Only thing is to look up the exact CPU product on intel’s website and check the datasheet to see which graphics it has.

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