It’s just a cell

Hello guys I am a lurker on the forum for a long time. I have decided to make an account so I can talk and ask questions and have my lurking saved.


Welcome to the forums!

Thanks :slight_smile: can you explain the badge system? I didn’t know it existed until now

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It’s just giving a badge on everything new you do, it’s for beauty and honor

and welcome to the forum :smiley:

Welkum to the Komooownity Fowhums!

Welcome to the forums, hope you like it!

Greetings, Oh Great and Powerful Bringer Of New Life. May your life in this place be challenged, and you left the stronger for it.

… That, or just vanish into the abyss, but we’d rather have you here.

Welcome to the comunity


Welcome comrade! It is good to see lurkers coming from the shadows.

Hello! I’d say something interesting but it seems that those who are less late have stolen most of my lines. I guess I’ll just say welcome to the forums and don’t fall into the abyss!