It's Ya Boi, Bwizz245

Greetings Gamers. As you can probably tell from the title, my name is Bwizz245 (/bi.wɪz tu.fɔr.faɪv/ for those of you who know IPA). I’m pretty into Biology(especially Paleobiology) and Evolution, and I’m very interested in games like this with high levels of scientific accuracy, which unfortunately just aren’t very common (Looking at you Spore). I’d like to help with development of this game even if I’m not really skilled enough directly (also talking about the game is about the next best thing to actually playing it), so here I am on the forums. Hope I’ll be able to have some good discussion about the sciences I love and how they might be represented in Thrive!

Welkum to the Thwive Komoonity Fowums, partner of science!
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hello and welcome to the community forums new thrivist! I hope to see your contributions in the future.

Welcome fellow newcomer thrivist @Bwizz245! Hope you willcontribute to thrive! (and dont forget us after a week or month)
Here are the community guidances for new members: The Community's New User Guidance
And Here a topic to let us know about how is your history with spore and how did you meet thrive, our social, ideologic, artistic, religious, scientific, gaming and world domination movement, also called Thrivism.

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Welcome, Bwizz! Hope you like the game… and the forums, of course.

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