Joke Competition v2

Ok so the last one was a mess so I’ll make one rule.

you only have one joke and that’s it. You can edit your jokes, but you only get one.

Now get joking. I’m not gonna participate because reasons.

You have two weeks to put in your jokes.

I hope that now that you made this thread you commit to seeing this through. Also, you should right now specify a deadline for entries and how the voting will go, see for example Thrive Meme Contest #1 which was a successfully competition.

Ok I’ll wait a day and see if anyone makes a joke

If not hhyyrylainen can close this thread

what does a zebra wear?
it wears ze bra


Thank you @TeaKing

I thought this thread was gonna die

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The elements
basically define me

got it?


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You are a genius, @LordLovat. This community continues to humble me every day.

There we go, now you have 4 days until this topic closes to post 1 entry per person, then there’ll be a poll to vote for the winning entry.


Two chemists walk into a bar.
The first chemist goes up and asks " I want a glass of H2O". He drinks it and is fine.
The second chemist then says “I want a glass of H2O too”. He drinks it and dies.

Ok so in three days this thread is gonna die, so keep joking!

Why doesn’t KFC have toilet paper?
Because it is finger-lickin good.

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I will admit that did give me a good chuckle.

Also thanks for reviving this thread

I just couldn’t think of a good enough joke to put here.

Yeah :laughing:

If this thread taught me something it’s that 95% of users here are funnier than I.

two days until this thread closes. The clock is ticking.
Edit: one more day and this thread will be dead.
Edit 2: one more day guys!
Edit 3: ten more hours!
Edit 4: eight more hours!

A doctor accidentally gives his patient a laxative instead of a coughing syrup.
The doctor: Are you feeling better ? Are you still coughing ?
The patient: No… I’m afraid to. :cold_sweat:

An infinite number of scientists come into the bar one day. The first asked
-please give me 1 glass of water
others continued
“me, too, please.”

  • I need 2 glasses
  • I need3
  • I need 5

    the Fibonacci family at the bar ÷)

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