Justify Someone Else's Creature

Start by posting a drawing of a ridiculous fantasy creature. The next person to reply has to (attempt to) explain how it is realistic enough to be added to Thrive in the future. They then get to post their own ridiculous creature, and it continues.

Next post starts.

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It won’t let me copy and paste from Pinterest, but here’s one that can start us off.

Blue Dragon

beautiful. wel clearly it consumes flying plankton and flies on hot air. additionally, its wingtops are photosynthetic.

A reminder to post a creature of your own as well! :smiley:

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The Bonzicus Buddicus is a small, arboreal creature, native to the jungles of Bonzi Software. As almost all plants on Bonzi Software are retinal-based instead of chlorophyll-based, making them appear purple, the Bonzicus Buddicus have a purple appearance to evade detection by predators. They have four limbs, two of which are leg-like limbs that can be used to quickly navigate the jungle floor, or jump from tree to tree, and two arm-like limbs which are primarily used for climbing up the spiky outer shells of the native trees and fending off predators. The “arms” are also used to break through the thick skin of some native fruits so they can eat the nutritious contents.

(ok I know this is really poorly written but I just had to write something for bonzi buddy)



In zero gravity the descendants of the billionaires that fled earth’s arms elongated, and a mating ritual developed wherein the males and females would stand in a line, and try to hold hands from as far away as possible. the farthest away couple would then mate. They also tied bands around their heads to show how much money they had. However the first few generations made the ritual of doing it to babies, but then they evolved elongated arms with fingers too weak to get the bands off. Then rapid natural selection meant those who could survive having a tiny headband on their head would reproduce. this resulted in weird head blobs.

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Another one why no

He’s perfect, describes thrive itself. In fact the game certainly can not be completed without him

someone explain this to me


This creature utilizes the keen senses of an owl and a cat combined to make the ultimate night-time hunter. It has also evolved the ability to hunt on the ground OR in the trees thanks to its many limbs. It has two sets of arms to enable the gripping of multiple branches at once so it is always stable when moving. The legs are mostly useless in trees however they do assist in stabilizing it somewhat. On the ground it walks using its front two arms and its back legs, but it can stand on two legs when running to gain extra speed, expend less energy, and to get a higher view without entering the trees.

It uses feathers to funnel sound into its ears, but it also uses large external ear flaps to enhance the sound further and to allow them to listen in on sound coming from different directions by moving the flaps. The feathers on its face also allow it to cool off more easily when it gets hot.

It has sensitive whiskers on its beak to allow it to detect movement in the wind, as well as to improve its sense of touch on such a hard, keratinized area of its body.

It primarily hunts its prey using its hands, however for creatures and plants with tough shells the beak is useful for crack them open. It also allows it to bypass sharp defenses that would cut the skin on its fingers.

Thanks to its vertical pupils, it can see just fine during night or day, but its ideal time is night.

Please justify my unnamed creature’s existence.

Box Meme

EDIT: Oh my word before I posted this box one I posted a gif with a nightmare monster in it by mistake I am so sorry if anyone saw that

it is a genetically modified eagle made as a bodyguard by amazon


Explain this

MLP pixel art

justify this thing’s existence