Launcher 1.3.1. does not manage to run latest Thrive release on Mac (Old title: 1.3.1. does not run)

I recently got a new computer, a MacBook Air, with the newest system.

For those curious

The old one broke.


The situation is simmilar to the last time, exept now I’m not using Mojave and the launcher actually gives me some info. I think the issue may occur in the older launcher as well (from onwards (at least that happend on Mojave)). I’ll give some more info on that later.


Launcher Log
Console Log

[1;31mERROR:e[0;91m The assembly 'GodotSharp' is out of sync. e[0;90m at: _load_api_assemblies (modules/mono/mono_gd/gd_mono.cpp:954)e[0m e[1;31mERROR:e[0;91m FATAL: Method failed. e[0;90m at: _load_api_assemblies (modules/mono/mono_gd/gd_mono.cpp:965)e[0m

Oh yeah… that’s probably my fault and caused by the fact that I used Godot editor compiled with breakpad support to export the game but I didn’t compile the mac template (as I wouldn’t be able to sign it) again.

I guess I should try exporting from a mac or using a standard Godot executable when exporting the mac version of the game. These kind of problems is why I don’t promise Thrive to properly support mac at this time…

I think I managed to solve this problem, redownloading should now work.

It works! Not even lagging!

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Thanks for testing. I’ve merged my fix now and closed that github issue tracking this.