Launcher installation problems

That’s it, I just installed the new launcher 1.2.5 , and whenever I tried to open it, the laucher asked for installing every time, choosing user, etc. If I install it, I still could play the game, but needed to do this every time I want to play.

But it gets worse

It even said the file was already found in other directory in my machine
Now it says that the installation was aborted and I can’t even run the launcher. I’m on windows 10, and Thrive always worked perfectly fine for me in terms of launching.

I tried uninstalling the launcher and downloading and installing it over and over again, but still doesn’t work.

I guess I don’t have any more useful details, I hope I was clear enough and that I have some clarification

dude, i must be doing something wrong it can’t be!! Anything like that has ever happened to me, although im not an experienced person in that, so…

How are you opening it? If you downloaded the installer.exe it is expected that it wants to install itself each time you run it. After installation you need to run the launcher exe that gets put somewhere in program files.

For uninstalling all I can say is that make sure to run the uninstaller first, then if there are any launcher folders or registry entries leftover delete those manually.

If the installation process still doesn’t work, you can download the non-installer version of the launcher, that is a single exe file that contains everything and can be ran without installing.

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The problem is that during the installation it says that the installation was aborted and wasn’t completed succesfully, with the loading bar, ironically, not loading anymore, stopping in the first third.

All previous times someone has had problems installing the launcher, they have attempted to manually remove a previous installation, which leaves behind registry entries or something. If you don’t manually clean those up, then try to install again, the installation fails because of the improperly removed previous version.

I tried it. Deleting EVERYTHING related to thrive once again, but when deleting some, it says that "an unexpected error is blocking me from deleting the file, and that there is a code I can use it to get help in the issue, which Im going to do today.

You might need to reboot, or resort to even more extreme measures like “delete on boot” software. In the worst case you might need to reinstall Windows. Did I already mention in this thread that you get none of these issues on Linux with the launcher?

Well, sadly I don’t have anything linux here, only windows 10. So problems everywhere