Learning to draw animals with Jellyfish Sensei/Senpai/ tentacle Lord

Oh well hello there I didn’t see you open my tab, that’s a nice bathroom you got there by the way. But that’s besides the point, so you want to become an artisteo do ya. Then you’ve come to the right place here ill show you the basics of drawing animals i’m not a professional nor do I claim to be i’m still leaning just as you are, i’m sure there are better artists on this form but you don’t see their lazy butts doing this do ya. So here you go this is how the form will work

Stuff to know

  • Anyone can post tips
  • Anyone can post art to be reviewed
  • Positive criticism is welcomed (meaning pointing out whats wrong in a drawing and how to fix it)
  • Post what your having trouble with and we can help you
  • Post what you want to learn about
  • Try to keep it about animals but some people stuff is ok
  • (other stuff i cant think of at the moment)


  • Anything over 4 lines needs to be in a hidden box (gear to the top right)
  • Dont be rude to others
  • Dont say someones drawings bad with out giving a reason why and how to fix it (ex. you suck, thats a crappy Drawing)

Also head over to I'll draw your organisms and ill do just that.


I need ideas for what you guys want to learn about

feathers actually


any advise i got a sloppy copy made

Can you help me draw better crabs?

My Art


Please dont teach me anything, this is nothing more than a joke.

Although i am The King of Things, art IS NOT one of those things.

I want some tips for tablet drawing if you can help there.

P.S. I suck at it so not even worth making an image to show you. I’m just looking for gerneral noob tips.

My deepest apology’s but I im on a road trip for the next couple of days, I have my sketch book with me so when im not driving ill work on my art but it’ll be slow and ill probably work more on my other form then this one but when i get back I wont rest tell I have helped you all so stack up thous questions :slight_smile: .

While i’m also vary new to digital art from what I can under stand its like a mixture of both painting and drawing but its still a different medium so its has its own twist. I would recommend practicing traditional painting first, this will teach you about color theory, shading/form, and blending. But if you want to get strait into it then I recommend

  1. cell shading where you lay down a base color and add sharp shadows and high lights to it.
  2. After you get the hang of it try playing with values (this is where I am)
  3. try blending colors for a more realistic look

try to do each step for at least a month (or do whatever) and while doing theses exercises try to draw/ paint from life or if you cant, use references lots and lots of references and tutorials but do it with them don’t just watch them. my biggest mistake when I was just starting out was I always thought references were cheating but all artist use them so don’t be ashamed

And finally here’s some good people to watch


This guys stuff is a bit more on the animoo side but its still vary helpfull I recomend starting around 200 you can watch his older ones but I feel this is the point where he does best (p.s this is more of an intermediate and up art chanal)

this lady does a lot of animal/monster art

The next two are ones you defently need to follow along with they have a lot of information and if you dont you may get bored but are probably the best for learning

my value

Also here’s how my value practice is coming along

Mister Jellatin, I would like to learn how to draw bat/dragan wings


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You got the anatomy pretty down pat. the fingers seem broken in the second image but the first one is only a little off. the skin flap that makes the wing does not end in the armpit though. on bats and sugar gliders (flying squirrels) the flaps end at the hip of the creature where the joint of the leg begins. something else you can do to make the wings look better is actually at the shoulder. this works for all limbs you add to a creature but you should stop finishing the shape of the shoulder and leave it open where it connects to the main body.

This should help with your future drawings, if you post an image with you using those two things I can help you with some other problems that may arise.

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I see askyw is doing my job for me :kissing:

I gave you a full day… thats on you XD